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May 31, 2010


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and flowers pick themselves

those are adorable, dear! thanks for sharing.

xo Alison


Oh WOW!! Those cupcakes must be so delicious! I should give this recipes a try! And I LOVE your cupcake cups! They are very you!Your weekend must have been really fun, I hope you have a wonderful Monday and a great week too :)

PS. My cupcakes are so lucky that are living happily with you! Big hugs my sweet friend!


Dearest sweet Afi, my cupcake didn't look too nice on it's own so i had to take out my little treasures made by you to make my cupcake look prettier! hehe Love to you sweet sweet friend!


They look super cute...it's definitely the thought that counts more than anything. Glad you had a wonderful weekend... :)

shari @ little blue deer

These sound delicious! I LOVE anything with cheese in it, and I mean anything! I actually might try these today!


Wow lovely photos- looks like a fun weekend- that soup looks amazing- I love the way the meat looks!


Sounds like a fun weekend, especially with such delicious treats! I am going to save this recipe. Hope the mister enjoyed the birthday celebrations.


How wonderful. Thank you for this recipe. Enjoy your Monday! XO


If there are any cupcakes left over I volunteer to finish them all off :) I've not baked any sweet stuff for a couple of months now, I think it's time to change that! :)


That Ramen looks very yummie. And your cupcake wrappers are the cutest ever! Hope your week is off to a sweet start, Jacqueline. Sending many happy thoughts, a huge hug and a big kiss your way for a lovely Tuesday. Hmm, you will most probably almost drink your morning coffee while I'm off to my black and white kitchen to make my evening tea, green tea this time. Oh and I do have this cutest, loveliest, most gorgeous little teaspoon, wish you could see it ^_^
I'm enjoying it every day, sweet friend. xx


Oh your cupcakes look absolutely delicious Jacqueline, will have to give them a try, love all your beautiful photos - sounds like a splendid birthday to me...
Jenny x


It sounds like your week is off to a fantastic start - I hope it's a great one!


How lovely...these sweet cakes look..I love the pretty paper cups they are in. Hugs to you sweet one and have a great new week. xoxoxo


Those cheesecake cups look scrummy! I must try those this weekend. I'm with you - not so good with the baking so the less ingredients the better - or so you would think! I'll let you know how they go ;)
Have a great week Jacqueline
Alli xx


Such LOVELY photos, Jacqueline! Happy birthday to the Mr. And just love the cheesecake cupcakes...mmm... So glad you had a wonderful weekend. Happy Week ahead, my friend :o) ((BIG HUGS))


thanks for sharing that yummy cupcake recipe Jacqueline :)

hope you have a great week!



Glad that you have a sweet weekend.

Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you and yours.

soraya nulliah

How sweet! I love those cupcakes...they look incredibly...delicious:) How are you liking kelly's class? Isn't it just amazing? thanks for all the kind comments you left on my blog yesterday. P.S. Wish Mister a happy b-day:) xxx

Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi

They look great! Good job!


Your cupcakes look absolutely scrumptious Jacqueline and thank you for the recipe it sounds so easy and delicious.
Hope you had a lovely celebration.
Em xx


Dearest sweet Soraya, i am LOVING kelly's flying classes to the rim!! It's totally amazing and breath-taking. I hope to share some inspirational here on my blog soon. Love to you!


Hey lovely,
wow what a devine recipe, thanks for sharing! just love cupcakes! thanks for your sweet thoughts over my way - I'm loving our flying lessons too!! Hope the rest of your week is magic
Erin :)


It sounded like it was a very, yummy weekend:) I love those kinds of weekends. The pork ramen looks yummmy I'd love to try a recipe since I think it will be sometime before I get to Malaysia! Glad to see you too over in the Kelly's class. I'm loving every post so far!

Eva Diva

Hi dear,

you was telling me you'd like to try the local market. I know that every 2-3 months there is this arts for grabs event happening in annexx in central market, where self-made artists/crafters/writers sell their own stuff, at a price below rm 100.

I love that event, because it's so precious to see all these great work that you usually do not see in the shopping complex!Let me know if you need more details!

I am really envying your baking/cooking skills,I still need to expand my creative skills to other areas, right now the only cupcakes I can make is using modeling paste. It's pretty 2 look at, but it's not edible >.<

Love visiting your blog, you always have such interesting posts! hope you're enjoying e-course so far, i'm finding myself overloaded with information!

elaine t

Hello Jacqueline! Sorry I haven't written for a long time, but I've been visiting your blog regularly - I absolutely love your writing!! Just to let you know you're not forgotten - ever. :)
Hope to meet you in person one day. :)

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