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May 05, 2010


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Anne Marie

The first week after you loved one leaves is always the worst. Next week will be better.

Lovely buttons collection you have!

Saskia Kok

Such a sweet idea, Jacqueline! What is it with buttons? I seem to have a thing for them too. Their loveliest colors and designs and being teeny weeny... You found the cutest way to store your sweet petits!
Have a happy day, my friend. xxooxx


Always fun to spend time with a sister! Your new buttons are adorable, with such cheerful designs and unique colors. Clever idea for storing them! Don't forget them if you make iced lollipops!


What a great idea!!! I do love buttons too...they are such happy little things that would cheer anyones heart. Hugs for a great day...xoxoxo...happy sister time.

lisa h.

What a clever idea, J! I love buttons too, but they are difficult to keep organized.

I actually have the same popsicle/ice lolly moulds from Ikea, but I use them to freeze broth for my doggy :). Maybe I'll need to buy a couple more for myself?



SWEET treats!...mmm... I can't wait for warmer days and break out our iced lolly maker! BEAUTIFUL buttons... I just love buttons. I keep mine in old jam jars in my studio--all lined up, pretty like candy. I can't believe it's Wednesday already either. 6 days until our holiday way to see family--hooray! But so much to do... LOL! Happy Day, Jacqueline :o) ((HUGS))

Valarie Budayr

This is a great and clever idea. I really like your button collection. So many bright and wonderful colors. Hang in there. The first week is the hardest after saying good bye to a loved one. You are so right to focus on some creative projects. Show us what you are making. I love your creations. They are so beautiful. Big hugs to you.


What a sweet storage idea! Love your cute little buttons too :) And can't wait for more of your craftastic news!

Big big hugs! :) xo


I love to read and see what you are up to. I hope your hubby is home soon, what a sweetheart he was to help ease the pain of missing him with surprises and a little pretty gift.

Your button collection is wonderful, I adore the shots of them.

Happy day to you!
hugs from emily


Those buttons are the coolest - you have great taste :)


Oh, thanks first for your visits.You make really my day...;)...Its so fine to talk to you and wish you a great week also without your sweetheart...
This idea is so great.I have one, too...So mabye i will try it also...thanks for your creativity...hugs and until then...;)...


Oooh, they are gorgeous!

Fun storage idea, too :D


mmm, buttons. You can never have too many!


I just love love the way you showcase your button collection, it looks so yummy you could eat it :) Those little plates are gorgeous. Its given me an idea on how my daughter can show her gemstone collection! Thank you for the idea.


Miriam xoxo

and flowers pick themselves

wonderful post. such a fabulous idea. LOVE the photos too :)

xo Alison


I love your button collection,and the storage idea is pretty neat! Wishing you a great day! :)


A girl can never have too many buttons!!
Absolutely love your storage solution!
I hope your sisters visit cheered you up some.
Hope you have a lovely week
Em xxx

AG Ambroult

Brilliant! and —even better— free! only a creative mind like yours would come up with such a great storage solution.

Cookie Cutter

What a creative idea! I do something similar with my earrings as well. Haha.

Hope you're feeling more cheery now :)


It wonderful to be here and seeing all the beautiful buttons that you had stocked up so far. Somehow it feels happy seeing all the buttons. Glad that you had a good weekend with your sister. Have a sweet lovely week ahead and lots of love to you.

Traveling Mama

You are my kind of girl! Better to buy less but buy what you love!

Mousy Brown

I have serious button envy now! Especially the peachy carved ones - but if I can't have them myself there is nobody who I would rather had them more than you LOL :D


Oh you're a button collector - how cool! So lovely that you have a super sis - I bet it was very healing getting together like that. Have a lovely weekend won't you sweetie!

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy

Hi Jaqueline, hope your feeling abit less sad....maybe if ya went out in search of more cool buttons for your collection:D p.s. thanks so much for popping into my blog and saying hello...I'll be back to visit you.

Grace (whimsyloft.com)

you are so full of great ideas!

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