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May 10, 2010


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and flowers pick themselves

i love it when i walk away from my work space and its a little messy from a day's worth of crafty fun.

love that first photo!


xo Alison


i love making messes too! beautiful photos...


Glad you had a lovely weekend and making a mess for hours sounds like super fun :)


Glad to hear you had a lovely weekend and I can't wait to see your icase project.
Have a great week.
Em xxx


Yum, that soup looks great, I'm always wanting to try new soup recipes. Hmmmm, I bet I could find old cucumber at our Asian market.


Happy weekend to you to! It sounds like you had such a rich time filled with good food and loved ones! I am loving your photos, there is so much detail in them, and that fabric on your sewing machine is gorgeous! xo


What a lovely weekend you had...I thing your creations are wonderful..would love to see this one. xoxo


Hi Jacq,

We too have old cumcumber soup but with chicken last night for dinner, good for hot weather like this. Can't wait to see the icase soon!

Lovely pictures!



Dearest Amber, let me know if you want the recipe! I will be more than happy to share it here with all of you! Love to you!


i have a sewing machine but only know enough to be dangerous!

can't wait to see more of what you're making!!


Yum! How fun to put a new twist on your family soup recipe. Looks delish. Happy to see you're crafting too!


Oh, so fine that you had a lovley weekend.Mine was also great and i feel a little bit better.But this week everything will go a little bit slower.I´m looking forward to your lovley DIYproject...have a great creative week...cheers and hugs...i...


You can't get away from it now, we too want know how to make this soup :)


I had a lovely day on Sunday with my mum and sister too! - it was mother's day over here in Australia and we had such a wonderful relaxing time at our favourite cafe for lunch ...
Jacqueline, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your sweet comments - you are such a beautiful soul and your kind words always make me smile :D
Can't wait to see the iCase project ...
Alli xx


Dear Jacqueline, it seems you had a wonderful weekend ! I love making some mess in the studio, it makes me feel so happy!
Have a lovely week, lots of inspiration and crafting!

Valarie Budayr

I'm so glad you had a great weekend. The dinner with your mom and sister sounds great. Have fun sewing. I can hardly wait to see this little case. Have a great week and big hugs to you.

soraya nulliah

Dear Jaqueline-I am so glad that you had a great Mothers Day weekend-lots of love, good company and craeting-what could be better? I am really looking forward to Kelly's class-Can't wait:)

Kate England

Glad you had a nice weekend! Your dinner out and crafting time sound relaxing and fun, with both time for loved ones and for your own creativity!


Thanks for updating with the recipe! We will be trying this in the coming weeks.


i haven't eaten meat (or anything meat-based) in years. funny, i was looking through my Jaques Pepin cook books last night and was seriously considering of reverting... the soup you made looks really really GOOD. if i ever choose to eat meat again, i'm going to bookmark this page for good measure. have a great week. :)


Brilliant, thanks for the recipe, will be trying it out this weekend.


Sounds like you had a gorgeous weekend - that soup looks divine! There's nothing like a weekend full to the brim of creativity and fine food!


Hello Jaqueline!
The soup recipe and photos look wonderful. I will have to try your recipe. Today would be the perfect day for it (cool & rainy) I'm excited that you will be taking Kelly's class with me as well...Take care!


Grace (whimsyloft.com)

my favourite soup! :D


Think I gonna make that tonight, sound delicious. Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

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