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June 04, 2010


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Oh sweet one..you sound busy but are enjoying every moment...hugs for a great weekend. Those flowers are amazing! Thanks for sharing. xoxo


What lovely picture, Jacqueline. Have a wonderful, creative weekend! Sending a huge hug and a big kiss your way for a sweet Friday. xx


Enjoy riding those waves of creativity, Jacqueline! Flowers are so lovely...even when fading. :o) Happy Weekend, my friend ((BIG HUGSS)

Kate England

So curious of your exciting new wearable project!

shari @ little blue deer

Awesome! And art and craft tornado! That's so fabulous! Gorgeous pic, and I'm so excited you're going to make the spa water! Yay! Let me know how you like it! XO!


I agree, "flying lessons" have been an amazing ride thus far =)

The flowers are beautiful. Enjoy your weekend.

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy

I am so loving the course as well...I think I spent a good 6 hours on it the other night, ha ha...definatly alot of beauty to soak in and learn to sit comfortably with and it always moves me to tears when I realize just how much I've needed the boost and beauty Kelly's course offers. p.s. I love visiting your blog so I've finally put you on my 'blog list' over at my blog, hope ya don't mind:D

Robin Norgren

even with a "slow blogging week" you somehow inspire with EVERY WORD AND PIC-well done!


Who knew fading flowers could be so pretty? Lovely Jacqueline!

soraya nulliah

Dear Jacqueline-I absolutely LOVE these flowers-they are RAVISHING!!! I have enjoyed all your comments at Kelly's ...isn't this class just amazing? What i am realising more and more is that things don't have to be PERFECT...just start and it will evolve; honor the NOT KNOWING where things will go, not having the answers etc. I hope you and Mister have a MERrY weekend!! xxx


Thank you, for the lovely comment on my blog!!! But I just want to tell you that my name is Bea not Eliza (though is a very sweet name ;-)
And I also think that fading flowers can be very beautiful!
Have a nice weekend!


Hello dear,
this sounds very exciting and inspiring.I┬┤m curious about all your new projects and ideas.I wish you a great, creative and sunny cozy weekend...let it go well, dear...take care and a big hug...cheers...i...


Dearest Bea, i am so so sorry i got your name wrong! I will remember this time! Love to you!


Even fading flowers are lovely! Sounds refreshing to hear about another wonderful class to inspire you.

and flowers pick themselves

have a fabulous weekend, sweets!

xo Alison

Eva Diva

Hi Jacqueline,

I like how you describe you're going through a phase of creative tornado!It seems so too for me, my brain is entirely preoccupied with visuals and my hands itch to do art. It's a little mad I think to be so passionate! Maybe that's why some creative genius is mad =p!

M not in M'sia at the moment, holidaying in NZ. Feels so strange to drop everything artsy at home and fly off. I miss my paintbrush!

I still find your blog utterly inspiring, will sneak access to airport's free internet whenever possible!


Hi Jacqueline,

Thank you for your visit and lovely comments on my blog, I've been utterly busy on the some holidays programmes and does not have the time to blog. Oh I wish to see your cute little bears and sheeps soon!

Have a very inspired weekend!



Hello lovely Jacqueline. Gorgeous flowers - can't wait to hear about the e-course - sounds very inspiring ... I just made your cheesecake cups ... YUMMMM!
I will have to start work on the treadmill tomorrow ;)
Have a lovely weekend,
Allison xx


Another gorgeous photo...love it!

Katie @ Making This Home

Jacqueline, what a beautiful blog you have. Thank you for finding me so that I may in return come visit you. I like the idea of a creative tornado very much. Just the combination of the words makes me feel energized. I have to remember that idea - and credit you forever and ever. :)

I of course love how you embrace simplicity and the beauty.

Kelly Thiel

You are a doll and I love your warmth that comes through your words. I wish I had a way with words like you do. OH - and your photography is beautiful too. Isn't it a wonderful thing that flowers are still gorgeous, even when they fade??? We should all be so lucky...


Oh, the photo is wonderful! So glad you are finding the week as inspirational as I have...have a great weekend!


so glad you're feeling so inspired by the e-course- i've been on vacation and just got back so i'm looking forward to catching up on all of it tonight and tomorrow-- i've glanced just a little and it looks great! :)

elaine t

Thank you so much Jacqueline for your lovely lovely messages which you wrote on my blog - totally appreciate them and you definitely cheered me up as I've been feeling ill and depressed lately. You always have such a good outlook of life while I'm just the opposite - I have a lot to learn from you. :) I'm sure we'll get to meet one day, I go to KL/PJ/Klang quite often. :) Stay happy and inspirational as you are an inspiration to me. :))


your photos are awesome Jacqueline - do you take them? I too am having an absolute ball at Flying Lessons.

have a great week :)

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