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June 26, 2010


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OMG!!! These guys are so adorable! I'm in love with them! You did a great job! I especially love the little lamb's curly bangs :))

Lots of love and smiles to you and I wish you a very merry happy weekend dear friend! xo


Those are adorable, I love the little lamb! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and much love to you!



yay!!! hehehe so excited!!!


Adorable!! Will you be selling them in your shop??

Eva Diva

I've visited Delectable by Su at Megamall, her things are adorable and so artsy.

It's awesome to see you doing all these creative things, it just gets me motivated and inspired. Your lamb n bear really is a product of pure love and joy, I can feel it.I'm a little behind in my creative work since I'm distracted by other things, it's so important to stay focus and balance.Time management is essential!

Love to you too,


Teddy and Lulu are so cute!


How scrumptious are these? :D


they are adorable! created with love and such precision :D
you go girl!


Oh gosh these little guys are sooo cute!!
Looking forward to catching up with your little space next week.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.
Em xxx


This is a cuteness assembly line :) . Have a great weekend !


Jacqueline, I have missed you! These little guys are tooooo cute! What fun! So nice to visit your blog after my time away, it is good to be back! xo


Jacqueline, they are adorable. Want to see them in your etsy shop. Cute, Cute!!

Traveling Mama

Aww! How cute! Enjoy a creative and inspired weekend!!!


What a lovely project and a great opportunity! You did a wonderful job and I understand your feelings so well! I also hope to be able to apply Kelly's time management strategies!
And thank you so much for you compliment on my mixed-media collage :-)

Have a lovely Sunday!



Isn't it funny that just as you're getting even more creative inspiration going other work seems to increase too. But we won't let that stop us, right? :) I agree about putting some time management plan into action would be a good idea, I'll do anything to help getting my creative time each day.


How wonderful to get such a fun commission! I love hearing about the creative things you have going on. So fun. These are adorable!

holly christine

i'm feeling nuts over here too:) i just keep telling myself to breathe...everything doesn't have to be done by tomorrow:)

LOVE your creations.

shari @ little blue deer

They are darling! Soo cute, good for you! At least you are busy making wonderful little creatures! I'm with you though, I get so overwhelmed I don't know what to do! Hope you get some rest over the weekend! XO!


Glad to hear of the positive things and inspiration going on in your little studio! It is great to hear that you are moving towards your creative dream!

Wishing you a lovely merry happy weekend and lots of love to you and yours too! :)

cypress sun (amy)

love these...have fun with more sewing and scheming!

Stephanie Bolton

How precious! Thanks for being me friend! ;)
I am having fun flying with you & hearing your thoughts. Your blog is truly so cute it hurts! ...and I enjoy the pain! ;) Love the stitching around the border of the photos! SEW cool!


Miss Jacqueline, such sweet sweet goodness flows from your hands my friend. How incredibly lovely those sweet little guys and girls are. I am so very amazed by your personal touches on your art. Well done!


These are just lovely Jacqueline!
And I know what you mean about time management. You really do need to have some kind of system to manage your time when you have so much to do. It makes life just that little bit easier!
Have a lovely weekend,
Allison xx


Oh wow these are ADORABLE! What a great opportunity for you congratulations my dear! beautiful work and lovely blog ♥


if yo get the time management stuff figured out will you please contact me immediatly??!!

hope you're having a super duper weekend you sweet girl!


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