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June 26, 2010


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These are so cute! I love the bangs on that lamby!

I'm with you on the balance thing. That lesson really hit home with me.


Well hallo liebe Jacqueline, these tiny little friends are too cute! I had to enlarge your images and I have to say they really are sweet and gorgeous. Must check your link in a minute... Sending many happy & creative thoughts your way for a sweet sweet week, my friend. Alles gute und bis bald! xx und mehr xx


Oh I'm dying! These are so cute, I can barely stand it! Love love love! xxx

Terri Smith

Oh Sweet Jacqueline, thank you for you visit today at my place. Again..I'm lovin' your work. I could stay over here all day browsing. I'm meeting so many wonderful new friends through "Flying Lessons," and I will forever be grateful. And yes..I fully understand the "time managment" issue. Whew wee..never seems like enough hours in the day. Enjoy the remainder of the weekend and drop back by Dimples & Dragonflies anytime. I promise to visit you often.

Blessings & Georgia Sunshine,


Adorable little ones...great photos! Thanks for sharing and keep it up! It's so wonderful to hear things are working out and you are heading towards your goals :)

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong

Hi, Jacqueline !
OMG, it's SO CUTE IT HURTS!!!!!!!
Such lovely daring cute Stuff you make =)
Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and leaving a wonderful comment =)


I agree with the other comments - Teddy and Lulu are really cute. :-)
I hope you had a great weekend and that you will find some time management strategies that will work for you. :-)
xoxo :-)


These are so cute! Good luck keeping yourself organized & getting it all done.

Kelly (and mrs mediocrity)

So cute. And I so get the overwhelm thing, I feel that way most of the time these days, but mostly in a good way!
Just keep moving forward...one step at a time!

Michele from Pipi La La

Seriously cute! ♥♥

Time management schmanagement. I am not good at it!

Thank you muchly for your lovely comment on my blog! ♥


Congrats and cute little creations! Don't wear yourself out. Have a great week :) Much love


Hi Jacqueline! Glad to see you are so creative! Please send me some of your inspiration! Teddy and Lulu are adorable. Your work is so amazing. Love Lulu's hair and sweet face.

I think we all struggle from time to time with balance and time management. I am the worst example. I have given up to try to manage my time. Being a creative person makes it so much harder. I find I work at my best, at work and my private time, if I "go with the flow". If you find the secret solution, let me know!

Nic Hohn

these look so delicious I could eat them!


Dearest friends, thank you so much for your kind words, support and love you guys sent my way!! *bear hugz*
Lori, these cuties are specially design and commission for Delectable. So i won't have them in the shop. But i do have something cooking up for a shop update once im done with my list of custom orders.
Have a lovely merry happy day dear friends! Lots of love to you and yours!


LOVE Teddy & Lulu, Jacqueline--these are sooo SUPER-CUTE! And so happy you've had this opportunity that takes you ever closer to your dream. It's hard though sometimes when reaching for the creative dream and dealing with all the every day things one must do--I know what you mean. Finding that balance really helps. Wishing you all the best, my friend, as you keep journeying down this great creative path! Always eager to see what you're working on. Happy Days :o) ((BIG HUGS))


These are so cute! Congratulations on your commission...what a great opportunity!


So adorable!!! =)
All made with so much love, the result is just perfect :)
Congratulations and I wish you much success! May your dream come true!! :D

Mousy Brown

You have been so busy! And having fun too....I am finding the time management thing a struggle too but Kelly Rae is also inspiring me to keep going, hope you figure it out soon, Take care sweet Jacqueline xxx


first thanks so much for your lovley words and i´m glad that i can reply now...i must to cancel my trip to berlin...some things sometimes go in the other direction...but with me everything is okay...;)...and now i read my comments and jump over here to wish you a great creative and inspiring week...a big hug and so fine that you are so fresh and full of new ideas...;)...


Dear Jacqueline, thanks for sharing your new crafty goodness with us! Teddy and Lulu are adorable. I think its amazing that you have the energy to be working, crafting and doing the eclasses! I love it that you are "creating and fulfilling your creativity". You are such an inspiration!!! Have a lovely week :) xo


Super cute!

and flowers pick themselves

so cute! have a wonderful day!

xo Alison


Oh my goodness these are ADORABLE! Congrats on the gig- you deserve it with all your creativity!

AG Ambroult

WOW! they are absolutely adorable, like everything you do. How so very exciting! Ride that wave of creative energy, and fine ways to not let yourself feel so overwhelmed. I know how that feels. Congrats to this success!


Teddy and Lulu are adorable! thanks for stopping by my blog.:)

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