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June 07, 2010


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Gorgeous photos, Jacqueline! You deserve the beautiful flowers and more :)

soraya nulliah

Hi Sweet jacqueline-I am so sorry that you have the yuckies. No fun at all! Take care of yourself. Ginger tea or just hot water and ginger and honey should calm your stomach and bring down the nausea (if you have any) ..it works like a charm...magic...trust me.
Love the pics of the flowers -so stunning! I adore flower anything!


so sorry to hear that you have been sick sweet friend; hope that you are feling better. I love the idea of rewarding yourself with flowers -BRAVO!

Valarie Budayr

Your photos are so very lovely. Great heart dishes find! Hope you start feeling better soon. I hate hearing that you're not feeling well. Big hugs to you and be well.


So sorry to hear about your bout with food poisoning. That is never fun. I hope you are feeling well now. Your photos are truly amazing and inspiring. I love the looks of the spa water. Mmm...
Happy and healthy days to you, hugs from emily

Mousy Brown

It did make me laugh to think of you having a Christmas weekend - what a treat! Hope you recover and feel better soon - I am sure the flowers and delicious water will help - Take care sweet friend Love Em xxx

Michele from Pipi La La

I reward myself with flowers all the time!! Your photography is beautiful! Feel better soon! ♥


It's so funny you mention Christmas. This is about the time of year I also start itching for Christmas songs and movies. If I just let my iPod shuffle all my music I easily get a Christmas song every 5 songs or so. And I love watching Bing Crosby's White Christmas. I'm happy to hear I'm not alone =)

And feel better soon.

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