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June 07, 2010


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Oh dear friend,
thanks for your lovley comments and so sorry that you don┬┤t feel so good...i send you some good thoughts, a big hug and many kisses of happiness...;)...and what wonderful flowers and the ceramic treasures are so cute...have a good and hopefully healthy week...cheers and hugs...i...


Do take good care of yourself sweet Jacqueline. Love your bouquet, flowers brighten a day indeed. But so do your gorgeous heart shaped ceramics! Sending a huge hug and a big kiss your way for a feel better week! xx


Flowers and crafts make for the best weekends when you stick close to home! Love the flowers you treated yourself to. And that spa water looks so refreshing.


Jacqueline, your eye for photography always amazes me. Those pictures are so gorgeous and I can't help but be inspired by them.
Thank you for that.


i like the ceramics... where did u get them? somehow i don't find these lovely stuff while thrift shopping !


Urgh! I hope u feel much better soon! I'm so impressed that you posted even on a sick day. And I'm glad u bought urself that pretty bouquet!!! :)


Oh my, do take care of yourself and have a lovely week yourself. Your photos are always so beautiful...thanks for sharing :)

Kate England

What a mix of happy and rough! Hope you take care of yourself and feel better soon! Your photos are so inspiring, as always!


Sounds like a really nice weekend! And of course I love the way you photographed your flowers and I like the ceramics a lot!
Now, I hope you will soon feel better so that you can enjoy your week and the e-course, too!



Eva Diva

Oh dear I hope you're feeling better right now. I had a food poisoning experience just recently due to dirty seafood and it's not pleasant. so hugs to that.

I think it's such a romantic thing to buy yourself flowers. hehe. I visited the groceries shops in NZ and they sell the most exotic flowers. Exotic bcos I've never seen them in my life.I might become a flower nerd too if I did not spend alot on art stuff. I like the term flower nerd btw. cute.

Do take care,I'm looking forward to see your new project soon!Hope it's going along well =)


Oh Jacqueline I hope you are feeling better soon. Your photos are absolutely amazing and I love the stitched detail and color. And like you, fresh flowers always cheer me up too...
take care
Jenny x

Elizabeth GLZ

Love those flowers! Hope you get well soon. Did I mentioned to you that your "SO SWEET IT HURTS" is awesome!! I love it. Rest assure that I will be following your blog! Love those ceramics. I am a ceramist, for now I don't make dinnerware but it is one of my goals! Ah! Your photos are great. My younger son is a photographer. For now, his main clients are from destination weddings. We live in an island and many people from USA come here for their weddings. You can see his work at www.gabrielfoto.com "enjoy your ride" Elizabeth GLZ

shari @ little blue deer

Oh, I hope you get to feeling better! The spa water looks so gorgeous in your goblets, just wonderful! I'm glad you enjoyed it, hooray! XO!


I agree, your eye for photography is amazing! And those flowers will brighten any house. They're gorgeous. I love love love flowers too. I hope you'll feel better soon - food poisoning is never lovely. And hey, summer is about the time I start thinking about Christmas as well! :D


Dearest Grace, these heart-shaped ceramics are looted from Daiso. :) Love to you!

Catherine Just

your images are beautiful! I love your blog. And thank you for stopping my mine. I appreciate your feedback on my post!


You have to be the sweetest person I have ever seen! Sorry about food poisoning...that spa water looks wonderful and I am sure sipping on that will help with the sickies...get well soon!


Oh, no food poisoning... not fun! So sorry you've not been feeling well, Jacqueline... Do hope you will be feeling better very soon! My hubby was sick with food poisoning while we were on holiday in the USA just now...too much eating out & about. He was really sick for about 24+ hours. Flowers are lovely little indulgence--these you have here are so pretty. And you know how I LOVE pink. ;o) So many sweets here to start the week... Do be taking good care. ((BIG HUGS))


oh I hope you feel better soon! I laughed about the christmas bit....it's a bit early for me, but nothing wrong with being excited about christmas! When I was a little girl, I would start listening (and singing at the top of my lungs) mariah carey's christmas cd around the end of October and never really got sick of it until after christmas!


Lovely ... simple and lovely. I want that all today, actually every day.: )


Oh my gosh...your photos are so beautiful!


Flowers are always in order - I love them too, they really brighten up the day. Your thrift store finds are adorable. Hope you feel better soon!


Food poisoning is never fun :( hope you feel better soon.
There is nothing better than rewarding yourself after working hard with a couple of old movies and just hang out on the couch for a couple of hours. My brother in-law collects DVD's - he is like my own personal movie library so I am never short of things to watch!
That spa water looks divine. I like to keep a jug of water with lemon in the studio whilst I work so I don't get tempted with coffee.
Have a lovely week Jacqueline,
Alli xx

and flowers pick themselves

beautiful photographs, my dear! i love the shot of the pitcher.

xo Alison


Dearest Eliza, thank you so much for sharing your christmas story when you were a little girl. It made me giggle for i was doing exactly the same thing over the weekend in my little studio ~ listening and singing at the top of my lungs to mariah carey's christmas cd! Love to you!!

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