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June 10, 2010


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I think we all struggle throughout life to understand ourselves and I definitely agree with you that having a strong sense of self will always serve you well no matter what you do with your life.
And are those gorgeous images the work of the lovely and very talented Illustrator Kaili Ittensohn - they are just beautiful.
Have a lovely week Jacqueline, and I'm so glad you are being inspired and motivated by the courses you are taking xx


Thanks Jacqueline :) you always have lots of gorgeous things to share and always make me think when you write these thought provoking posts.
It is hard to sometimes just be you there is constant comparisons and its too easy to get caught up in everything else.

hope you are having a lovely week...nearly the weekend
Anna x


Ooo...beautiful artwork, thanks for sharing a peek of it! I totally agree with the advice of being yourself... makes life a lot more fun and authentic, right? Think about how exhausting and crazy it would be to have to pretend and make false impressions all the time - my dear! I am so happy you are feeling good and I also am so thankful to have a space online for support and encouragement...where we can share and meet other great people - like you! Thank YOU and all the best :) ciao ciao!


What are friends for! Friends are here to help you celebrate being yourself! It's a pleasure knowing you through our blogs, and it's always very inspiring reading these posts from you. I admire your creative quest, and am here to cheer you on!


Sending the love right back to you my friend...you are such a delight to visit! Your creativity always inspires. xoxoxox

Valarie Budayr

Hi jacequeline. I 've always appreciated that you are so much yourself and it shows through everything you do. I love being here to see what you create and your moments of inspiration and just how you celebrate living. Here's to you and your journey. Be well friend and big hugs.


I really enjoyed this post. You say so well what we are all thinking and experiencing I think. Being creative and true is a struggle it seems. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. You give so much of yourself, I feel as if I know you and you are such a sweet person. Happy creative day to you! xoxo emily


Sweet words, Jacqueline. I really do adore that gorgeous images! Sending a big kiss your way for a lovely day. Happy creating, sweet friend. xx


What a beautiful post...so much to think about here...and beautiful photos as always too! have a great evening!

Grace (whimsyloft.com)

i like to believe that as I grow older, my heart and mind starts becoming a team. :-) keep up the spirit of creativity! we all here share the same passion as u dear jacqueline


oh,just so honest and true...you are right, its not so easy always to be yourself, but if you follow your heart it is always right. You are a very special person and so real, jaqueline...everybody can feel the passion on your blog...;)...you love what you do and that┬┤s so fine to share with you, dear friend...thanks for this post and your comments on our blog...have a great creative weekend and until then...cheers and hugs...i...

Dana Barbieri

Hi Sweetie. Thank you for all you do too! i am feeling much the same these days. this is what we are meant to do. so great!

Eva Diva

HI Jacqueline,

Thanks for sharing Kaili Ittensohn's artwork here because I love her style, it's very similar to the folkart I paint so I'm looking forward 2 b further inspired!

I agree with you that We ALL have enough in all of us to achieve what we dreamt of, in a way I like to imagine myself as a magician. and the more we celebrate other people's creativity the more we draw our own inner resources!

thanks 4 being you and dropping all these encouraging comments in my blog to!It's precious to me =)


Just LOVE the message with this post today, Jacqueline! To be ourselves is the best gift we can give to the world--to love what we do and give back. Your discoveries and sharing of thought that "there is ENOUGH for all of US and that there is ROOM for all of US to succeed together", was timely for me as I consider closing my shop for good. I will still be doing something creative, but not sure yet what--a new door may open maybe! What you share here every week is so much appreciated and inspirational...Thank YOU, my friend. Happy Weekend ahead... Oh, I'm celebrating my blogiversary this weekend with a little gift giveaway--stop by if you can. :o) (( BIG HUGS))


Oh Jacqueline! I'm so glad I met you in the ecourse. You are truly awesome. And I know how the thought of competition can sometimes cripple us but we just have to always remember that each of us is unique so each of us would always bring something different to the world. Yes, there IS room for all of us! Mwah! (Hope you're over your food poisoning!)


Dearest sweet johwey, i am feeling so much better and i think i'm over the food poisoning altho i'm very careful these days with what i eat. :) Thank you so much for caring and love to you!!


Hi Jacqueline! Just stopping over for a peek at your lovely blog. Kaili Ittensohn's artwork is so sweet. Thanks for sharing it. Blessings, xoxo Valerie


Dearest Jacqueline, I'd like to thank you that you are you :). Your kind and gentle words are so comforting, loving, that they touch my heart deeply. I'm glad I found you in the Flying lessons. I'll keep comming back :).


I feel the same as you do and for me this also is the most important message so far: to "just be myself". So simple and so difficult at the same time...



Nic Hohn

Hooray for you for arriving in this moment of Self. of being Enough. of truly being You.

Thank you for your heartfelt sharing. I feel like we are walking a similar path holding hands,with encouragement and purpose in our hearts.

Cat Mallard

flew over from the lessons too, beautiful heartfelt message, thank you for sharing, can certainly relate!




Wow beautiful post Jacqueline. It truly inspired me. I often feel excited but also scared of following my creative aspirations because I think it can be a somewhat unknown path. But I loved reading your thoughts and I'm so honored to see my painting accompanying them! And reading all the lovely comments left by your readers really gave me a boost and made me feel happy. Thankyou so much! You are jut so lovely xx


Beautiful amazing words, Jacqueline. You are so sweet. I am feeling so supported by you each time I receive a post from you celebrating my work. Also, you certainly give me a boost with each one of your comments on each one of the flying lessons. Thank you so much!! Iam so happy to meet you in this amazing journey! Looking forward to see your lovely creation for my Aliany.

Have a lovely weekend!!!

Kelly Thiel

Lovely post today Jacqueline. You have such a way with words. Your spirit shines through in what you write and in the beautiful things you share with us. And your are right - that is a lovely painting!
Have a great weekend,


Jacqueline, just to let you know tour post is so inspiring that I printed a copy to read it again and again.

Muchas Gracias!!

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