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July 10, 2010


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Louise Gale

Hi honey, how wonderful to receive such a fabulous handmade gift through the mail. Your photos really show how fabulous this journal is and it will be a joy to write in. Cant wait to see what inspiration comes from it. xxx


What a wonderful surprise you received from Linda. That journal looks amazing!


What sweet treasures you received, Jacqueline!
Have a creative weekend, alles Gute, liebe Jacqueline.
Ich wuensche dich ein wunderbares Wochenende. xxx

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong

Have a wonderful weekend, jacqueline !

Carrie Schmitt

What a great friend! That is so sweet. Reading how much you appreciated it makes me want to do something like that for a friend of mine...thanks for the inspiration. I love your blog layout. I'll visit often!


You are a lucky lady! The journal is beautiful. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend. We are getting much needed rain here and heat has gone down somewhat, sigh.

and flowers pick themselves

how lovely!

have a great weekend :)

xo Alison


What a sweet lovely surprise! :)

Have a lovely happy weekend and love to you and yours.


surprise packages are the best, aren't they!? great photos you took of it too! hope you are having a great weekend.


This is such a nice present! The journal looks so lovely and I can understand that you first need just to admire it before you can use it!
I'm very tired (we had a birthday party for my little girl) and I had a very busy week but I'm always so happy to visit your blog and to receive your sweet comments :-)




What a beautiful gift, it looks like a lot of thought went into this which is really what makes it so special.


wow...what a beautiful gift and you showed it off so nicely! You will treasure this journal...it does make writing so much more special...have a great weekend!

shari @ little blue deer

Oh, how fun! I love the receive sweet little treats in the mail! XO!


Thanks for the sweet note on my blog Jacqueline! Have a fun weekend :)


Beautiful people attract other beautiful people. The kindness your friend has shown is also the kindness you show others. Glad you're feeling so happy and lucky!

Kaili x

robin norgren

I have always loved to journal but I got "hooked" on hand made journals about a year ago. The paper and the flexibility; you are going to love it! What a dear friend you have.


You are one lucky girl! Beautiful photos to go along with the story. Can't wait to see your new wearables!

Eva Diva

I journal as well, and I understand how you feel,I can't write if my journal is not fancy and all pretty up =p You're indeed a lucky girl to receive beautiful gifts like this!I can feel your friend's love and care in making it for you!

Hugs n love,

p.s. Your second comment on my same blog post fires up my lazy bones to write something meaningful,hehe.



So beautiful...oh how I love sweet friends..they know just what to send..at just the right time...enjoy. xoxoxo


What a wonderful package to receive, especially as a surprise! I can see why you love that handmade leather journal - it's gorgeous. Enjoy your new goodies!

Cookie Cutter

Such a lovely gesture! Handmade goodies in the mail really touches the heart, doesn't it? Yours sure did for me!

Michele from Pipi La La

How lovely! I can see why you loved it all! What sweet gorgeousness to receive in the mail!


I'm so glad the package arrived safely and hope you can use the journal! I can't stop making 'em :) When I saw that pink leather - I immediately thought Jacqueline! Enjoy!


What a beautiful gift Jacqueline. And I agree totally with Kaili. The kindness and sweetness you show others brings out their sweetness and kindness too. You must have many, many lovely friends Jacqueline. Love to you. I'm going on a little holiday so see you in 4 weeks! xx


Dearest sweet Allison!! So happy to see you here and i miss you! Have a lovely merry happy holiday!! See you when you are back and love to you!

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