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July 06, 2010


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Mousy Brown

What a fantastic link Jacqueline - I love it, it really speaks to how I am feeling at the moment - Thank you xx


Life really is about the journey, about striving and reaching and dreaming. What fun would it be if we always reached every dream or accomplished every goal. I agree with Tracey Clark that we all have two sides to our personalities, sometimes they conflict and sometimes they are in synch. Great thoughts to consider today!

robin norgren

hi sweet friend, the biggest thing I have learned from this fabulous e-course iS that if you have no one to encourage and celebrate with you-it means NOTHING!


This post makes my heart sing too, as its essence is much about where I am at at the moment too as I contemplate some changes ahead, new creative endeavors, some dreams not coming true, being content with what is... a lot to think about! You have a great wisdom about you, Jacqueline... I always love and gain great insights form what you share here--thank you, my friend. :o) Keep dreaming... ((BIG HUGS))


ok...off to check this out right now...sounds like something I need to hear.
Hugs my friend...thanks for this today..you do have great wisdom! xoxoxoxo

Wendy Brightbill

i think we all need daily reminders of this message jacqueline. there are days when i feel like i am ever so slowly just chipping away at my dreams. we have to celebrate every victory and keep going every time we fall. :)

Dana Barbieri

Yes, YOU ARE ENOUGH!! totally with you on the overwhelm end Jacqueline. baby steps are what I am taking but you know they do truly add up.


Something I really needed to hear today, I love this. Thanks for sharing this!


I struggle with that enough-thing a lot. ;-) HUGS!!


yes, i love hearing other's stories too. and no, you're not alone! :)

Paula Joerling

True, true and true. Somehow I am going to get out the post that's been stewing in my head for a couple of days.

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong

You're more than enough and worth every single 'time' you spend on whatever it is ! You were born 100% worthy and it will never change ! =)


Your post is as sweet as you dear Jacqueline. Rest assure you are more than enough. As you say, its is so amazing being surronded with so many inspiring souls and you are an important part of them. Today I was having a conversation with my son Cristian regarding this experience. I was always looking for the right connections and couldn't found them because I was not "hearing" the call of my inner self. As Kelly said is important to be true to ourselfs. I feel that I am doing that now. Thank you for being so kind! I know you will continue finding your right path. Keep following your dreams while you "Enjoy the Ride" ♥♥

Carrie Schmitt

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love yours! I'm definitely going to be a follower! Thanks for your support

shari @ little blue deer

Oh, very cool. I agree, self-affirmation is so, so important, we get all caught up in comparing ourselves to others, celebrities and otherwise, we forget that we are all unique and beautiful in our own right! XO!


What a beautiful and inspiring post!!!
And dear sweet Jacqueline you are one of the winners in my Pay It Forward giveaway so if you would let me have your full name and address I'll get your package to you soon!
Em xxx


Hi liebe Jacqueline, must check it out right away. Hope your week is lovely so far.
Lots of Love xxx Ein toller Tag! xxx

and flowers pick themselves

how wonderful, dear! thanks for sharing.

xo Alison


Great post Jacqueline. I constantly need to remind myself this, as I have so many things I want to do and share, but never enough time to do, so I become frustrated with myself… Wonderful workds of reminder!

Michele from Pipi La La

Thank you for sharing this. It is PERFECT! And thank you SO MUCH for the lovely comment on my blog!! ♥♥♥♥♥


You are enough. We are all enough. Excellent post.



When I try to encourage my girls, I don't put demands on them, I just ask them "Did you do your best?" When you say that, and know that you've tried, there's nothing else to do but be satisfied and accepting that we're all unique.

Thanks for the great link.


What a lovely inspiring post! And so true. There is a saying that goes like this: "you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else", or something like that. I always tell my kids this one. Lots of love to you!

Little Brown Rabbit

Great post! Thanks for sharing the link with us :)

Eva Diva

Yes, yes, Me, you, and everyone is enough!Was reading a book about how everything is a paradox, that we always aspire to be more but at d same time we are enough. And that the world's power resides within all of us, we just need to access it by trusting it!

Thanks Jacqueline, you're a wonderful inspiration!

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