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July 02, 2010


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Hallo liebe Jacqueline, here we go for some must-haves to uplift my day, Lattes in the morning, herbs tea in the evening, chocolate {milk with nuts these days}, strawberries, flowers on my table {wildflowers these days} I send emails several times a day to myself to not forget about the important things, a me-moment 3 times a day = laptop + big cup of tea + chocolate bar. Feel my collection of ribbons and lovely fabrics a couple of times a week, gift wrapping {this includes the book I hide once a month on the pillow of my little ones}
Anyway, a glimpse of the things I love to do at the moment.
Wishing you a lovely happy sunny weekend, liebe Jacqueline! Herzlichst, alles Gute. xx


Cool self portrait! I have always wanted to do one for myself too. Maybe this summer, I will get around to it. I too share the need to make something every single day. I live for the moment. I love peanut MnMs.

robin norgren

hello sweet friend-That mister of yours is sweetie as well. I can't believe our flying lessons ride is over; what an AMAZING TIME IT WAS!


I love knitting, even though I'll admit I haven't done it in awhile...my little girl likes lots of attention! I love owls, trees and watching the birds in our huge tree in the front yard!
By the way, you look like a Disney Princess in that drawing! Have a lovely weekend and much love to you!


Happy Friday sweet one....I so so love this image of you and I too love dots! xoxoxo


You do look like a disney princess! Your mister is a great artist! Have enjoyed the flight with you and will continue to follow your blog!


Ooo, beautiful portrait! I'm loving bookmaking these days, although it's been so hot...barely can move!


Hi J ! Looks like you & also looks like Mulan :) . We're on the run now, the start of our summer trips. Take care & have a good summer too!

Terri Smith

Ah Jacqueline, this self-portrait is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! I agree with Lori above..you look like a princess!

Getting ready for the upcoming holiday here in my area. Just hoping the Georgia Heat doesn't swoop in and melt everything. Ha ha

Appreciate your continued visits to my place. I feel so blessed to have met so many wonderfully creative women. We each bring our own beauty, and seemingly share it so openly. Have a wonderful holiday sweet girl!

Happiness & Georgia Sunshine,


Hello again Jacqueline - Your sweetie is super talented too. Great portrait!

I too prefer salty over sweet - Doritos and flavored chips don't stand a chance around me, and love making lists.

Right now I seem to be collecting way more buttons and beads than one person needs and I have no idea what to do with them all...(suggestions?) :)

Hope you have a good weekend, this was a fun post.

shari @ little blue deer

The mister is so talented! Thank you for de-lurking, I love hearing about my favorite bloggers! XO!

and flowers pick themselves

wonderful post! i love de-lurking :)

some things you may not know about me...i never learned to ride a bike // i'm afraid of elevators // i love taking showers late at night // i've met jack johnson {the musician, not the hockey player}.


xo Alison

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong

what a pretty girl you are, jacqueline ! =)


What a lucky lady!! Your mister is really talented and you look like a beautiful Disney princess, indeed!!! Have a lovely weekend, dear Jacqueline, warm wishes from Brazil


That is a cool portrait from Mister. I would have loved to see your self portrait too. :)

It was nice to read some random bits about you and I shared the salty over sweet. For me, I like going to the seaside and taking solitary walk at time.

For you, you are making things almost every day and I am sending out love quotes every day to my list of subscribers and bringing a little love to others.


And a lovely merry happy weekend to you and love to you and yours.


Love this portrait of you so much, dear J! Your mister is very talented, like you. Love the de-lurking, too! Hmm, I never wear shoes in the house, never watch TV and never eat breakfast. :) Have a lovely weekend!! xo – g


happy weekend to you to dear Jacqueline! Your husband is super talented too! You are looking so beautiful and I love it. I am also loving the sneak peek at all the fabulous little felty creatures you are making on the last post. Please show more too. I hope you are finding balance and fullfillment this weekend.
hugs from emily xoxo


You somehow remind me a a more grounded and peaceful "Pacahontas".

Really cool!


LOVE the portrait of you by your Mister, Jacqueline--it is beautiful! You two make a great creative team! Very glad you are taking the creative waves as they come. And loved the little extra info about you--very fun! Well, Im Tracy... You know me. ;o) I wear my heart on my sleeve, helping others, creating all the time, salty over sweet (me too!), cooking & baking, and right now watching all the Wimbledon I can and checking the scores! I love tennis, but I play the game very, very badly myself... LOL! Wishing you a lovely weekend, my friend! Hubby & I both seem to have gotten colds now, so we'll be laying low this weekend... :o( ((HUGS))


Well, now that I'm on holiday anything could happen, I might delurk too! :) If you post a photo of yourself I might have a go at drawing you too, are you tempted? :D


That picture is great! & it's nice to know more about you. I also create every day - even if it's just one stitch - it keeps me peaceful.

I'd love to hear how you deal with your time-management... if I didn't have a computer, I'd have no problems getting more work done!

Traveling Mama

Love the portrait! I'm afraid that I am terribly boring! But I, like you, love to create every day! Hugs!!


I love the portrait! My favorite flavor combo is salty + sour at the same time. I have a thing for rainbows and multiples of the same thing just in different colors.


Dearest Veronika, oh yes i am really tempted with your idea of drawing me! :) I am a fan of your gorgeous work!! Love to you!

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