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July 20, 2010


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Oh yummy - how fun!! I love, Love, Love to bake!


oh YES. baking is the greatest way to relax when everything is stressful. i love it. and you can always use some cookies or a cake to make people happy! have a fabulous week, sweetheart.


What a sweet little post! I can see how baking would help you to slow down, all of the precise measuring and pouring and mixing....mmmm, I am slowing down just thinking about it! Thanks so much for your recent encouraging comments on my blog! xoxo


How wonderful! Baking is a great way to relax I think...and then you get treats at the end of it all :) Glad you had a fabulous week!


wonderful pictures. i love the filter you use.

Lille Diane aka Woodstock Lily

This looks so delicious! I love to bake, too. It feels good to make something to eat that makes people feel loved. You have a great blog! I'll be back to visit~ xxoo

Sandy a la Mode

beautiful pictures! and that's soo cool you went to a class, i totally need to go to some more!! i definitely think baking is very relaxing and soothing.. and what better end result than your house smelling like delicious goodness!!


Looks tasty and sounds like a good time! Great photos!


lovely treat- they look good.

Glad all is well-

paula    joerling

Looks yummy and fun! My friend Chad and I signed up for a cupcake decorating class in August. I can't wait.


A Sunday baking class, that sounds divine to me! You've got me dreaming away here, Jacqueline. Would love to go to a baking class next Sunday ;) Will google a bit right away, love this idea. I'm afraid we do not have things like that in the Netherlands...
Sending lots and lots Dutch JOY your way for a happy happy Tuesday! xx

Mousy Brown

Oh you made me want a cake so bad, I might have to go and bake myself now! :D


I always love looking at your photos, and those photos make me hungry! I hope that you are having a lovely week! Love to you!

Jen {Spring Lane Designs}

That baking class looks like it was fun!


So glad you had a a great weekend! Baking is always a fun wknd project - especially the tasting part!


Baking is always a good idea :-) A lovely little post!




You've just made me hungry and it's nearly my bed time, I have no choice now but to raid my fridge for some sweet goodies :)


Great photos!! Love those pictures :)
And it seems like you had lots of fun! I even feel like baking now :D lol!
I hope your week will be so wonderful as your weekend was ;)
big hug to you =)


Oh boy, I could really use a baking class like this to lift up my spirits! This looks like such a fun way to spend the day. Love those cute little tarts!


sooooo fun!!!!! and yummmie... i simply love baking too... just last week I bought a whole bunch of ingrediants to make local Malaysian cakes but haven't gone down to doing it yet!:D


opening me up to new ideas as usual-I have NEVER thought to take a baking class to relieve stress! But it is a great idea (and then you do not have the clean up!)


Baking is something that helps one to slow down and savor the day...and your treats look absolutely beautiful!


wonderful pictures !! I LOVE the "faded" look/color to them . How did you do that?

Anne Marie

A Sunday baking class sounds like so much fun!

Nic Hohn

does your baking get gobbled up in no time....doesn't last long around here. Your treats look so divine, as are your artys shots of the kitchen.

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