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August 02, 2010


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Oh my goodness, they are SO fantastic! They seriously look edible, especially in that box. How perfect, you did an amazing job. I'm sure she will be over the moon with how it turned out. Hope you foot feels better soon.


Hi Jaqueline! Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, it totally made my day that you :) your blog is gorgeous too. Looking forward to seeing what you are making on the home-ec course, althouhg it looks like you know a thing or two about sewing already so you'll be streets ahead of me! Hope you had a lovely weekend :)

Siobhan xxx


Thanks for sharing some more photos- I love seeing them in the box peeking out-

Bummer about your foot- I know what you mean of it making it hard to be in a positive space.

Glad you got the rest you needed!


aww aren't they so lovely and boxed up all so cute! Good to have a little break at time for your feet and all your hard work! You desereve it Jacqueline. xm

and flowers pick themselves

blogging breaks are totally necessary + understandable. glad to hear from you, doll!

xo Alison


I hope you have a speedy recovery!
Your project is beautiful & so well done, great job!!!


J, these are all sorts of adorable. So sorry to hear about your little accident - I have the clumbsies too all the time actually. Hope you'll be all well and mended after your break and rest.


Holy cuteness! Looks like a lot of work, but FUN work! I bet you're glad you accomplished that big project. Sorry to hear about your tweaked foot. Better put both feet up to rest!


They're fabulous, J! I'm so glad you had a break and were able to finish, although it would have been fun to have the break without the foot problem. I hope you are back to normal very soon. Have a beautiful week! xo – g


These are just so adorable! Your photographs are lovely. Well done! Thanks for visiting my blog!


wishing you a speedy recovery and your project is so very cute :D



Hi Jacqueline! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. You are so sweet! And, you could not be cuter! I love your blog and your etsy shop! You are so talented.
So glad that we'll be doing to Home Ec class together!
Hope your foot is feeling better!


So beautiful those little creatures. They are adorable and I like how they look in the boxes. Congratulations for finishing that project. I know exactly how you feel after a big order is finished. Enjoy the moment and hope you will be better soon. Thank you so much for your words and for stopping by my blog. I do love to read the comments! Have a lovely week and Enjoy the Ride. Next post will be about Gratitude but it will have to wait. I have so much work and tomorrow my very best friend is coming from Virginia. We are going to the Anniversary gathering on this weekend. She is also an Industrial Engineer.None of us are working as IE's right now.


Glad that you are feeling better with your left foot now. :)

Wishing you a happy lovely merry day and love to you. Maybe I'll catch you in KL ... I'm heading there today. :D

Sandy a la Mode

oh my goodness, these are soooo cute, that is hurts! ;) seriously, you are soo crafty girl! hope your foot gets well soon!!


Oh dear! So sorry to hear about your foot Jacqueline! Hopefully you are on the mend now! As for these cuties you've been making - how charming are they? You are very talented and take great photos too!! Have a lovely week! XO


hope you feel a lot better and well done for completing your large project, and thank you for your lovely comments over at mine :)


Jo Wholohan

glad to have you back jacqueline!!! xx


Welcome back and good to hear that you're better now. I LOVE your crafty commission for Su and congratulations on getting it done!! Wishing you every success, Wini xo


You take good care of your left feet Jacqueline. Your works are really too cute, always. Love the white fluffy friend!
I threw the notes with your name on it in the big giveaway bowl. Many chances, my fingers are crossed. Wishing you a happy happy Tuesday, or better sweet dreams. Herzlichst, Saskia xx


FANTASTIC--look at all those cute-crafted goodies all boxed up and ready to go... sooo pretty! You have a great way with presentation, Jacqueline. So sorry to hear about your foot though... Do be taking good care, rest when you need to. Happy Week, my friend ((LOVE & HUGS))


:0) I soooo echo Amber's words - these scrummy little cuties look good enough to eat!! Happy Healing, my sweet friend, and wishing you more restful days and flowers too!!
Hugs xx


oh, hello my dear friend...so sorry for this, but i send you a lots of good thoughts and a big hug...and everything will goes the right way, sure...relax and make it you cozy and warm...all the best and thanks for your lovley comments always...cheers and hugs...i...

p.s.your sweet handmade goodies are wonderful...;)...


Oh, Jacqueline, I hope your feet gets better soon. Love, love your sweet wearables. So adorable! Have a good week!


So much cuteness and a lot of work done although you are not feeling well! I hope your little feet will soon be okay again!

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