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September 11, 2010


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I love that little lamb!


that onsie is just the cutest! You are so sweet to do this. Your weekend plans sound perfect! Enjoy. :0)


So cute! I love it.


Oh my that onesie looks absolutely adorable! Have a great weekend!


HELLO! that IS "sew" cute indeed....I'm at a women's expo & Quilting & Sewing Expo this weekend so I was thinking of you! I hope u have a nice weekend....sipping tea!!

Kate England

Hope you have a relaxing weekend, Jacqueline!


Hi Jacqueline, I love the idea of sewing and drinking tea; which is what I have been doing today. Wishing you a lovely merry happy weekend and lots of love to you and yours.


This is so cute! What a fun project. Have a wonderful weekend!


What an adorable onesie!! Looks like fun and hope you have a relaxing weekend :)


Oooh that really is the cutest! and I bet baby Jayden looks adorable in it.
Enjoy your tea and ham 'n' cheese sandwich!!!
Hope you have a lovely weekend.
Em xxxxxxxx


That is one cute little lamb! What a great project.

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend :)


That onsie is too cute! What a sweet friend you are!! I hope that you have a lovely weekend and much love to you Jacqueline!



Jacqueline, this is so cute! You should post it on the Inspiration Avenue site for this week's topic "simplicity"-I would LOVE that others would have a chance to see your work. xoxoRobin

Little Brown Rabbit

Cute onesie!!

Saw this and thought of you :) http://sharonblackman.blogspot.com/2010_08_01_archive.html


Adorable in everyway my friend....happy weekend to you...hope you do have time to relax! xoxoxo


I'm having a busy weekend with getting my garden nice and tidy before the real autumn sets in and garden takes its well deserved winter rest. But I don't mind, the sun is out and there's nothing like spending time outside catching those last few summer days before we go into winter hibernation :)


Dearest Robin, i took your advice and participated in Inspiration Avenue this week's topic "simplicity"! Thanks so much for your encouragement! Love to you!


Dearest sweet Emma of Little brown rabbit, thanks so much for introducing me to lovely sharon's inspiring space and work! So sweet of you to think of me. Congratz on your lovely sweet bundle of joy! She is precious! Love to you!


Dearest lovely Lynn, i wish i could join you there at the women's expo & Quilting & Sewing Expo!! Sounds wonderful and very inspiring! Thanks so much for thinking of me...you are soo sweet! Love to you!


Happy to hear you have been busy with sewing projects! That onesie is so adorable! Keep up the creative spurt!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

Glad you joined the Simplicity challenge on Inspiration Avenue. It's my second week and this one really took me out of my comfort zone. I'm sure glad to read it was both easy and simple for you, because it looks really hard to make. You did an awesome job, and show a great project for the theme.


Hurray! so glad you entered your GORGEOUS WORK into the challenge!

Small Footprints

Ahhh ... this is just the sweetest onesie! I love the little lamb! Jayden is going to look so sweet in this.

I hope you get a nice, peaceful and relaxing weekend!

Little Brown Rabbit

Thank you Jacqueline! xxx


sweet little onesy!!

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