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September 25, 2010


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this is so adorable :) what a great gift idea for that person who has everything !!!


So excited for you! Poppytalk is AMAZING!!!!! Your iPad cozy is absolutely beautiful! I wish I had an iPad so I could cover it with your little beautie! Celebrate this achievement...your hard work is paying off! Glad to hear you are seeing the light and feeling the LOVE.

Danielle xox


Very cute, as always! Now, if I only had an iPad...

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!


Wow...you are so fabulous!! mega-beautiful work..and so super creative! Shine on!
And thankyou for your visits and lovely words!
have a sparkling day!


Poppytalk is so great! You will find right in with all the talent over there. So very happy for you. And the flowers on you ipad cozy are TO DIE FOR! Very beautiful and IMPECCABLE work.


Hello Jacqueline! Love the iPad cover, especially those buttons. I have this crazy obsession with buttons. Congratulations on our Poppytalk Handmade acceptance. It would be lovely to meet other artists. Take care and enjoy the weekend!


This is so cute, playful, and scrumptious!


Thank you so much for the kind words on my blog! I hope you will come back and look at more of my photos and maybe even follow my blog. Thanks much!
I love all the creative ideas on your blog. very neat!

Eva Diva

First n foremost, a BIG hug to taking that brave step summiting your work and getting accepted. It must be thrilling to have the chance to meet other talented and creative artists! Soak in the joy and wonder of that =), I think other equally creative friends make this journey a colourful one!

I am so so so proud of you! Keep crafting, keep expanding your creative business!

Sonya McCllough

Congrats on Poppytalk and I just love this set, right down to the little apple buttons!


I need one of these for my laptop :)
Congratulations on getting into "Indie Love Market", how exciting!

and flowers pick themselves

beyond adorable. i LOVE it!

xo Alison


Oh. My. Goodness!! This is fantastic, Jacqueline! I love it so much. We are waiting until the iPad upgrade but this makes me want it now. Well done on being accepted by Poppytalk. So happy for you and your beautiful creations. Have a great weekend. xo – g


I am online only sporadically, sadly. But you are always on my reading list. Your big and gentle heart is so obvious in all you do. And you are most definitely loved.

I adore the Ipad cover, but I could not find it in your shop :( it looks simply beautiful x


Congrats on getting into Poppytalk! That should be a big show with lots of exposure. Love your ipad and iphone cases too, which really do have that vintage look.


Oh, the details as always are just amazing! Congrats on Poppytalk!!


Dearest sweet Anna, i know that you are busy with lots going on over there. So thank YOU so much for taking your time and visiting me here! I am truely grateful for the love and support you send my way!
This ipad cozy is my very first and didn't make any for my little shop yet. Im curently making a few camera cozy(s) but iPad/iphone cozy(s) will be next on my list. :) You can email me if you want a personalize ipad cozy and i could whip one up for you. Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to you!


Congrats J! You'll share wonderful pictures and tell us how it goes right:) The iPad cozy is all sorts of cute, I've been seriously wanting an iPad and already I know where to find a perfect cozy:)
xo Dyan


Oh, congratulations on Poppytalk, Jacqueline! Your art works are always so unique and delicate almost.
Vielen Dank fuer entering my giveaway, I threw the sweet-Jacqueline-notes in the big bowl, fingers crossed for YOU! Hope your weekend was a lovely one, have a great start of the new week. xxxx


How sweet! Love your wonderful crafts dear Jacqueline! And good luck for Poppytalk! Hugs!!! xoxo

Wendy Brightbill

what a lovely little ipad cozy. i especially love all the little details! congrats on the poppytalk! i love that site!!!


i've got to go over to your etsy store and check out that little ipad cozy?!!! off the charts CUTE!
i'm going to start saving up to buy one for myself fo sho! :)


Very adorable and what a great unique gift!


You're so talented, that cozy is adorable. Is that mini-pom pom trim on the edges? Love it.
Hope you got to do what you wanted this weekend. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your messages!


Dearest sweet kerri, thanks so much for your lovely kind words. :) This ipad cozy is my very first and didn't make any for my little shop yet. But the iPad/iphone cozy(s) will be on my next to do list. :) You can email me if you want a personalize ipad cozy and i could whip one up for you. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

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