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October 18, 2010


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naps...ohh how I love them. They really need to be MANDATORY - so refreshing to the spirit and FORCES me to slow down. I hope you have a beautiful week sweet one. I keep looking at your book roll on the side and "The Artists Guide" is on my list. xoxoRobin

Louise Gale "Dream, Inspire, Create"

Oh sweetie, i hope the heat goes soon too so you can feel better. I cant wait to see what you create with you yummy materials. Oooh lots of lovely holiday red to create lots of cheer for us all. xx


I love the colours and fabrics here...hope it will cool down some for you! Heat and me do not mix well either.

Hugs. xooxxo


It is cooling off here...finally! I hope it cools off for you there soon, being sick because of the heat is awful! I love that fabric, the one with the sewing goodies on it is lovely! Christmas is just around the corner, yikes, I had better get my lists started! Have a great day! Much love to you!

Pam Holderman

Oh love stacked fabric... have just started thinking Christmas myself - crows with santa caps? Hope you feel better really soon and it cools down!


Heat does that to me too, so I can empathize. Hope you get some relief! I love the sneak peak of your next crafting project. That sewing fabric looks fabulous! Would love to see more of that too!

megan v

Oooh. What is that circular thing with the plaid border? Is that a home-made button of sorts?? I'm so intrigued by it!!!


Very much hope you are feeling better, Jacqueline... be keeping well! LOVLEY fabrics & goodies... I confess to being slow thinking about Christmas--I feel so behind already... LOL! Happy Days, my friend ((BIG HUGS))


I can't wait to see what you create from your lovely fabrics and notions! I know exactly what you mean weather wise. We have finally gotten the fall snap & weather has turned from the 100*+ to cool and rainy. A relief & now adjusting, I only miss the sun for her shine not her heat! Have a creative and wonderful week. ~Theresa

Sonya McCllough

Hey J ... Thanks for stopping by the studio ... I hope the heat cools down for you soon as here in the US, I did not yet want to turn on the heat, so I spent the night with a heating pad at my feet. LOL but 2day I am painting with the color .... U guess ... RED

Ingrid - London UK

Hi Jacqueline,
In this part of the world the cold is slowly moving in and the days are getting shorter. We are still on 'summer time' but not for much longer.
Love your fabrics.
Stay cool!
Best wishes,
Ingrid xx


Dear Jacqueline, Thanks for showing us your work in progress! Your cozys look to be coming along nicely & I love red!! Hope it cools down, and that you feel better soon! Have a lovely week! Wini xo

Glittering Shards - Concetta

Than you for the warmth...its gone reaaaally cold here...xx


Glad that you are feeling better! I think I could use some nap mojo. Good luck with your projects—the Leica design on top of the pile looks awesome so far.


Heat?? It's freezing over here in the north UK I feel like it's already winter! xm


hello dear,
so sorry for you and wish you could find your body balance back...yes, the weather makes us sometimes a little bit crazy...;)...wonderful fabrics...yeah, bring me in a "Holiday season mood"...wish you a powerful and sucessful new creative week with lower temperatures...take care...cheers and hugs...i...


Hello Jacqueline...so sorry you're not feeling well. Hope you feel better soon.

I'm getting excited for Christmas too...I'm growing weary of the Halloween decor. Best wishes :)


Dearest sweet pam, crows with santa caps sounds like a wonderful holiday items!! Love to you!


Dearest sweet megan, oh that circular thing with the plaid border? Uhmm...i'm keeping you in suspends till the project is finished. teehee Hugz and love to yoU!


Dearest sweet lalove, you have really good eyes ~ knows exactly the Leica design on the top pile of the projects! Awesome! Love to you!


Dear sweet Maki, it's really warm these days (summer all year long here...boo) and i only wish for some rain soon! Love to you!


Jacqueline, I couldn't agree with you more. The heat is certainly on for the past one week with little or no rain at all. Please take good care of yourself and plenty of water to hydrate yourself.


nap mojo, huh?! i like that! :)


Hello dear friend, indeed it is sooooooooooooooooooo hot these days. Even air conditioning is not enough (for me). September was a much cooler month. Hope you stay healthy and take care! Am looking forward for a white christmas in Europe this year.


hope you feel 100% soon:)

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