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October 12, 2010


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Oh, beautiful photos...you always show how lovely things are around you :) Thanks for sharing and have a great week!


beautiful photos - love the colors!


really pretty! fresh flowers at home always cheer me up and make me smile

Michele from Pipi La La

They are such beautiful flowers. I want them! Lovely photography!


Sweet photos, Jacqueline. Hope your week is off to a lovely and creative start! xxx


Hi Jacky! Your flowers are beautiful and that color is amazing :) I really like having flowers in my house too :D They give color and life to any space ;)

Have a lovely week my sweet friend :D


Beautiful flowers and beautiful photos. What camera do you have? I need to buy one soon! My weekend was great with tons of work. I was at a Fair, as you know. Since this iwas the first weekend things were a little crazy and I ended up soooo tired! Hope next will be lighter but with more sales and connections! Now we are permitted to send someone else to be there selling and I can have more time to work on my ceramics and collage paintings! I couldn't send anything for Sunday Sketches nor Sneak Peek Fridays. I hope I can do that next weekend!

Have a lovely week!

Sonya McCllough

I love purple too ... did you do BYW this past winter or are you in now??? Your photos are so dreamy and sweet!


Dearest sweet Elizabeth, i read about your weekend at the fair and i am soo excited and happy that it went really well!! Congratz sweet friend. Im using a Nikon D90...it's really wonderful and i am loving it so much! Love to you!


Dearest sweet Sonya, i took BYW back in winter! I actually took it 2 times hehe the very first was back in last year when it was first launched. :) Love to you!


Jacqueline, as always your photos are lovely, just lovely! I hope you are having a great day! Much love to you!


Jacqueline, lovely photos. Purple is one of my favorite colors. This makes me want to buy some flowers~ I love to have flowers in the home.
Have a happy & creative week.


these flowers are SO beautiful! I love dahlias, and I adore this color. Such a cool effect with the darker purple in the center, getting lighter toward the edges. How uplifting and inspiring!

Sylvia Drown

Hi Jacqueline! I love having fresh flowers around...so much positive energy! Sounds like you going to have a fabulous week! Happiness to you!

Kate England

Very beautiful, Jacqueline! Gorgeous colours too.


Dahlias are really beautiful and they have a magic color! Your picture turns them much more enchanting and your studio must be the coziest place to be and to work at! Have a wonderful Wednesday , dear Jacqueline! Love to you!!

Dana Barbieri

Those are gorgeous Jacqueline!
Thanks for sharing the inspiration with us!


Hi Jacqueline!

I love your dahlia photos, they're stunning :) Hope you're doing well!


Hi! Ooooh, they are lovely, such soft purple, I love how they go from lighter to darker within the same flowers. Dahlias have always been one of my favorite flowers, so fun to hear how they are making you happy! xoFaith

emily b

So lovely! Thanks for brightening my day!


Very pretty- made me smile!
Nature is so beautiful!

Chuzai Living

Lovely flowers! I realize I need to shop for flowers... Thanks for the sweet message sent to the BYW Group. I appreciate it! Kaho


Hello Jacqueline...I am loving your photos. I always enjoy visiting your beautiful blog :)


Marveous color explosion! I adore purple!!! Thanks for the delight.
hugs from emily xo


Dear Jacqueline, your Dahlias are so beautiful and they are my favourite Autumn flowers!
I just wanted to tell you that you could choose an image from my Flickr-photostream and I would mount it on wood and of course I would add a touch of vintage beauty for you :-)



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