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November 13, 2010


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Michele from Pipi La La

The walnuts are fantastic!!! Beautiful photography too! ♥


They are cute !
That looks like lots of work!


Oh honey, so good to you back in your studio and creating such LOVELY AND BRILLIANT goodies! Welcome back...


These are fab and I'm smiling that they came from Germany. Germans are big into natural decorations at the holidays, so this is a perfect twist on the traditional walnut ornament!! Your friend, tj

Kelly Thiel

Hi Jacqueline! Oh my goodness, I love those. They are so stinkin' cute and they remind me of mini cupcakes, chocolate with vanilla icing! MMmmmmm... The cross-stitching on top makes them even cuter..
Hope you are doing well and keep going on that scary list! Doesn't it feel good to cross things off a big list like that!?!?

Kate England

So cute and I love the versatility!


Hi Jacqueline, I LOVE your cute walnuts decorations with cross stitching. They are so delightful and useful! Love the way you've styled them too. Wini xo


these are clever and cute!


Love these Jacqueline! How clever and adorable. These are just great! I hope you have a lovely weekend! Much love to you!


Oh my sweet friend..how adorable are these!!!!!

Your creativity is endless.

I must show you what I got the other day...you will love them...I will post about them soon...

Joy ....joy...joy may your weekend be filled with plenty.

Hugs and love. xoxoxoxoxo


Oh this is so cute! I love your walnuts and the cross-stitched Christmas tree is so lovely!!!
Thank you again for your feedback on my work, that's so motivating :-) I made the collage out of the sewing and crafting treasuries that belonged to my grandma!

Love to you and a wonderful weekend, dear Jacqueline!



Jacqueline! Your walnut ornaments are amazingly gorgeous. Such gorgeous idea! How about selling (at least one) in your shop? Would love love l o v e LOVE to have one of these lovelies handmade by you in my Christmas tree! Please let me know if you are willing to. If not, I understand completely, my friend.
Ein gans schoenes Wochenende mit sehr viel Spass!
Happy hugs xoxoxoxo


oh! Oh! OH ~ Jacqueline! Those walnut ornaments are some of the most creative & cute little goodies I've seen in a long time. I especially love the cross-stitched initials on top. I can even imagine one made with a tiny menorah on it for people like me who celebrate a different holiday this time of year!


Cute little ornaments! Those cross-stitch designs will really pop off the decorated tree. I love it when you collect something for a future project, and then the right idea comes along.


Oh, I'm nuts for these...lol! They turned out so cute. I have a walnut idea in the back of my mind too, we'll have to see if I have enough time to put them together though. Have a very wonderful weekend ♥

and flowers pick themselves

adorable! and very clever too :)

xo Alison

Pam Holderman

ditto to all the comments above! keep on crafting!


These are adorable! I love the idea of using them as pincushions!


those are way too cute! i love that result, how are you THAT creative?!


Dear sweet saskia, i would LOVE and be more than HAPPY to whip it just for you. I have sent you an email with the details. :) Love to you!


Lizzie, you are soo sweet and you are making me blush. :) Hope your weekend is off to a good start! Love to you!


Dearest sweet koralee, i LOVE your purchased!! They are soo adorable and yes you are sooo right that i would love them! Love to you!

shari @ little blue deer

These are so adorable! I love them, you are TOO clever, Jacqueline, I am so impressed! XX!

lisa h.

They're precious little things - so sweet!

Jo Wholohan

Love!!!! These are too goregous for words xx

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