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November 20, 2010


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Hi Jacqueline, what beautiful and delicate embroidery! I love all your tiny little stitches. This must take so much skill and patience. I hope you manage to find more walnuts. Hope you're having a wonderful, creative and crafty weekend! Wini xo


Just dropping by to say hello to a busy bee like you! Have a great week end!


So pretty! My grandmother did a lot of embroidery. I'd love to learn how. :)


Such a sweet embroidery piece Jacqueline! Good luck with the walnuts search and have a lovely weekend! Much love to you!

Kate England

Wishing you a creative and restful weekend, Jacqueline! Hope you stay well!

Cathy P

You are so talented - I can't even thread a needle properly! This is beautiful - and I have to say I really love your borders around your photos - it's such a nice touch and really fits your style!

Sonya McCllough

such beautiful detail ... and of course ... I love the color red!


beautiful stitching lovely lady!

Ingrid - London UK

Hi Jacqueline,
Lovely and very sweet embroidery. You talented lady!
Loved the walnut ornaments. Hope you can find some more.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Best wishes,


Happy stitching & weekend to you!
Love the design & stitching.


Looks so beautiful! can't wait to see your next project!


wow, beautiful embroidery!


hello lovely girl, I hope your heart is filled with joy as you lean into your crafting weekend. xoxoRobin


What a nice piece of embroidery, Jacqueline. really beautiful.
I hope you can find some more walnut shells as your walnut ornaments are so so cute.
Have a creative day and a nice week! Karine


Hi there sweet Jacqueline, I hope so some lovely walnuts will pop into your shopping basket soon ^_~
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening and do have a great and inspiring start to the neue Woche xxxx

Sandy a la Mode

hey sweetie!! i can't wait to see your lovely shop update!! :) have a great week!!

shari @ little blue deer

Aww, I just had a little giggle thinking about you searching all over for walnuts! If I see anything here I shall surely send it! XX!

Cookie Cutter

Haha, I know exactly what you mean and what it's like to be running around town looking for materials. This embroidery's cute!


Your embroidery is beautiful!


Hello Jacqueline! Very pretty embroidery, you are so talented. I can't believe you can't find walnuts with shells. There isn't any at the grocery store? I think I saw some today at Target in with the Christmas food.

Best wishes for a wonderful week :)


Oh I love the pattern you made. Beautiful! xm


Dearest sweet friends, im also giggling at myself running around the city like a mad woman. It sounds a little ridiculous not to be able to find any walnuts with shells here at the grocery stores. Oh sweet sharri, thanks so much for keeping a look out for me on the walnuts. :) Love to you and yours!

Ag Ambroult

gorgeous embroidery. I can tell the stitches were done with such love and skill. Is there anything you can't do?


Hello Jacqueline! Just stopping by to say and to catch up since I've been away from reading blogs. Sigh, my time is in such a demand. Love your stitches! Your walnut ornaments are so cute! I tried making these last year but my problem was never finding walnuts with shells but cracking them so it would give nice half shells. It would crack in all sorts of places looking very violent. Wishing you happy weekend while we in the States celebrate Thanksgiving!


I'm sorry it's been so long between visits ... catching up on your cuteness this morning ... beautiful embroidery - there is no end to your talent. I hope you are well and truly over those headaches :(
Thinking of you,
Allison x

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