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December 07, 2010


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Thank you so much!!!
Love love love reading your blog and your photography. My little booth looks so pretty when you took these shot at a nice angle. hehe.
Hope to see you craft up something from the fabrics you bought. Don't just keep them. ^__^

p/s : and a little credit back to the talented local crafter Tako, the Audrey doll was made by her. :)
I use it to decorate my little space.


Dearest sweet Kelly, im still admiring the lovely fabrics i bought. teehee Ahh thanks for the link to your talented friend! Her dolls are just sooo pretty and adorable! Love to you!


Dearest sweet Jacqueline, everything you show is always as cute as can be! Happy happy sewing, my friend. Enjoy the Advent season!! Much love to YOU xxxxx


I agree that fabrics are addictive...I just can't help picking up all those cute patterns and designs... but then it just sits around...haha... hope you have a fabulous holiday seasons! Can't believe Xmas is nearly here!

Cathy P

These are darling - can I just say the dolls in the second photo down are so cute and they look a bit like your profile photo! I love your photos and reading about all your crafts and fabrics - so outside what I do but it inspires me!


Looks like a fun bazaar! I love all the great treasures you shared. Your stack of fabric are gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you turn them into. Um yes, I'm addicted to fabrics too. Some are just too gorgeous to pass up. Imagine all the fabulous things we can make with our addictive fabric obsessions!

paula    joerling

Yes fabric is addictive and now you've given me a fix with a new site to look at. Beautiful photos and thanks to Kelly for the link to the dolls. They are super fabulous!


Dearest paula, the dolls are lovely aren't they. I hope to purchase one soon for my little studio. Love to you!


Oh Cathy, you make me wanna purchase the doll even more! teehee I wonder if i could request for a custom doll to make it more like me? That would be really interesting! Love to you!


Everything looks so pretty!

You really take the best pictures.


I hvn't bit the fabric bug yet.. but with my mixed media art pieces.. ohhh I so would love a stash of fabrics for sure! It might become a new addiction.. I better be careful.. lol.. thks for all your comments on my blog. they mean the world to me. xo


Hi! Those fabrics and buttons are so amazing and inspiring! Your photos here are always so pretty! xoxo

and flowers pick themselves

the russian dolls are ADORABLE!

xo Alison


Sounds like such fun! I love all of the colorful eye candy. Can't wait to see what you create with your new fabrics!


These photos make me feel like I was right there looking at the beautiful fabic and lovely dolls...I have always wanted one of those dolls, they are so pretty and delicate! Thanks for sharing, much love to you and have a lovely day!

Mousy Brown

What beautiful things Jacqueline - I would have been so tempted too! Please don't get stressed - just relax and enjoy all that making, Take care and have fun love Em xx


Oh, yes I also love beautiful fabrics! I don't sew a lot but I'm always inspired by their colours, patterns and texture! Kelly's table looks so lovely, you really made beautiful shots of it!
It's so nice to hear that your hubby is in Hamburg and that you are familiar with the German tradtions! If you'd ever want to visit also the South of Germany I would be really pleased to meet you :-) And the little angel wings are waiting for you ;-)

Love to you


Ren Lady Of The Arts

love the russian matrichka dolls- or nesting dolls- I grew up with several sets that I really played with so it always brings back fond memories!


I wish I could be there with you enjoying those amazing fabrics. I don't sew as often as I wish but I love fabrics, too. Since my granddaughter was born I am getting back to my sewing machine and the beautiful fabrics. Thank you so much for sharing and for stopping by my blog. I'll be writing something next Friday..I am receiving so many beautiful ornaments and I have to share them with my amazing readers. have a lovely week!


Adore all the fabric and the Russian dolls are fabulous. I really love seeing all your photos of fabrics and projects, so much going on. Cant wait to see your next creations. xxx

Jo Wholohan

:)) loved reading this!!!! nothing more wonderful then a stack of new folded fabric xxx


Love all the images of the fabrics and dolls! I have been sewing some lately & would love some pretty, cute fabrics to add to my little stash! I love vintage buttons too, but those fabric ones are pretty cute! xo Theresa


i just love all of those fabrics and colors too! i wish we lived closer, i have two gigantic tupperware bins full of fabric from when i was playing with making and embellishing t-shirts and bags. i don't know what to do with all of it now and am certain someone can make much better use of it all than me.

can't wait to see your new creations! have a lovely rest of your week!

xoxo, juliette


Oh, I so agree with you Jacqueline...fabric is sooo addictive. All the pretty colors and patterns, just send my mind spinning. Best wishes for a wonderful week ♥ Tricia

Sara Hawley

I only sew once or twice a year and I'm still drawn to fabric... there is something so pleasant about being surrounded by patterns like this.

Those dolls and buttons are beautiful!

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