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January 12, 2011


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Valerie Weller

Oh my goodness- can't believe I let your birthday slip by without a note of happiness for your "special day". Please know that I am thinking of you fondly and celebrating the sweetness you give to others, a couple of days after. So glad it was as "happy" as you! all the best~ Valerie (twig2nest:D) p.s. love the film roll cozy!


Happy Belated Birthday! I may have already wished you happy birthday...I think maybe I did. Oh well, happy birthday!! I so love your darling camera cozies! :)

elaine t

alamak - so sorry I missed your birthday - HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! Can't wait to see your new creations too! :)


That little camera is oh so CUTE, Jacqueline. Your works are always so unique and adorable, packaged with a whole lot of love, looking so so beautiful.
Have a lovely evening, my friend xxxxx

emily b

Happy Birthday, belated and all. You deserve a great one!


Oh my sweet friend - so glad to hear you had a nice Birthday! Boy these images are beautiful and I look forward to seeing your new creations! ♥♥♥


Sweet Jacqueline, I am so happy to hear that you had such a nice birthday...you deserve it! These cozies are just lovely, I love the pink! I hope you have a wonderful day, much love to you!


Aw Jacqueline, I missed your birthday!! Sending you wonderful late birthday wishes, so glad to hear that it was a nice one. You are such a lovely sweet spirit and I am so happy for our connection here in blog world. You always lift my spirits and put a smile on my face. Love to you! xoFaith


LOVE love love your shop update! Your camera pouches are so darn adorable. I love all the little details and contrasting stitching.


Those cameras are wonderful! So very cute!!

Glad to hear you had a good birthday. Birthdays always should be wonderful days.


Happy Belated Birthday to you my sweet friend....what treasures you have...off to take a peek...hugs and love to you.

Sonya McCllough

I love the cozies, excited to see the new product pics!

and flowers pick themselves

SUPER cute!

xo Alison


hello my dear, thanks for your words and question on our blog...i´m back again with a new post today...and miss all you lovley people, too...so i´m feel still a little bit tired and must be start slower in the new year (the virus likes me too much the last weeks)...so all will be slower these days on frauheuberg, but certainly no less exciting and colorful...promise...;)...good to be back...and thanks for thinking always on me...i do it, too...have a great creative week, my dear friend...cheers and hugs...i...

Sandy a la Mode

i love love love the cozies sweetie!! would these work for a regular point and shoot as well?? im guessing that would~! and i adore it in pink!


can't wait for the update, you are TOO cute.


Yey, you're back in action and the shop will be filled with goodies :) Glad you've had a great birthday :)


Happy Belated Birthday J! Your shop goodies look so sweet displayed in their basket!


Hello Jacqueline! I'm glad you had a fun birthday and didn't do any work...good girl. I'm lovin' the pink camera cozy ♥


Jacqueline i am so happy you had a special day on your "special day":)

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong

oh I missed your birthday !! Happy Belated Birthday, Jacqueline !!! I looked around your shop today and it just looks AWESOME and of course SO CUTE !!! Hope things go well with you forever =)


Hi Jacqueline, happy birthday! Even if I am late! This pouch is super super sweet...I will have to have a deeper look into your shop I guess! Thanks for stopping by my blog and the new years' wishes. I wish a wonderful year to you too! xo

Nic Hohn

Big Hugs for your birthday OOOO!

Kate England

Glad you had a nice birthday break and totally swooning over all the camera cuteness! x


Your work is so detailed and inspiring - good luck with the sales!

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