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January 31, 2011


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Ag Ambroult

that brooch is AWESOME! so very cute and really, one of the more original things I have seen in a while. I think it is really clever and pretty. You certainly ARE off on a creative adventure. Thanks for taking us with you!


Your sweet brooch is amazingly cute and adorable, Jacqueline. All your works are!
Do have a wonderful first day of the month of Love, sweet sweet friend! xxxx


Ooo..what is the big news?! Guess I'll have to wait...LOL... hope you have a fabulous holiday!


Beautiful brooch! I can't even imagine seeing spring flowers - what a treat. It's snowing here today and is supposed to continue snowing for a couple days. Looking forward to hearing more about your big news!


I really want to know what the big news is, tell us, tell us! :)
Glad to see that things are going well, with all the hard work you've been doing you definitely deserve it :)


That brooch is so lovely Jacqueline! I hope you enjoyed your day, it looks like we are going to be snowed in here for awhile! Take care, much love to you!!


Love the brooch. Really, really lovely work Jacqueline. Hope you have a great week!

Joyce Martin

Beautiful brooch! Can't wait for the big news! :-)


I wish every day could be a pajama day! Lovely brooch Jacqueline and looking forward to hear your exciting news :)
Allison x


they look totally adorable! great work...the bronze looks fantastic!


The cherry blossom "believe" brooch is so cute and feminine. I also focused on your "clear polka dot umbrella" I can see it from the distance. I love umbrellas. My clear with black lace is broken and I almost cried. Now I bought one from Romero Britto and is full of hearts, I love it but still miss my clear with black lace.

Enjoy the "lounging", and the holidays sweet friend!

Eva Diva

Yes, Jacqueline, I was stranded at home on Sunday because the rain was so persistent throughout the entire day, but I had all the time 2 make art!It was truly awesome!

Can't wait to hear your big good news, I'm so excited 4 u! And the brooch is sweet n feminine n meaningful. love the "I believe" attached with it!

Love d doily you used to!You must tell me where did you get them!


oh my sweet friend this is sooo lovely! Wow I just adore you, your work and your photos. Stunning ♥


Dearest sweet eva, so glad the sun came to visit us today! :) Im so happy to know you had some fun creating at home while it rained! Oh and for the doily, i found them at Village Grocer while shopping. They are awesome. :D Happy holiday sweet friend! Love to you!


Thank you Jacqueline for letting me include your gorgeous purse in my little collection... I'm so glad you liked it :) Your blog is also very lovely, I'll be sure to visit often!


this brooch is so pretty i bet they will do really well in your shop!


Oh, sooo PRETTY, Jacqueline! I just adore flowers, you know. And this is a very exciting, new and different thing to add to your shop--great idea! Can't wait to hear your news...inquiring minds want to know! ;o) Happy Days, my friend ((BIG HUGS))

Valarie Budayr

Happy Spring Festival. The brooch is so beautiful. It looks so real. What wonderful things you're adding to your shop. Many days of happy celebrating and crafting ahead. Much love to you.

Mousy Brown

You come up with such amazing ideas Jacqueline! I love,love,love your brooch - its beautiful! Have a lovely relaxing time and enjoy that PJ time....you have two parcels in the post, hope they get there safely! xx


uh...so cute, my dear friend...;)...have a happy spring festival and lots of delightful moments for your heart...and take care...cheers and hugs...i...


Beautiful brooch and thanks for the giveaway and having it open to all .

Ren Lady Of The Arts

I just saw your feature- good job lovely lady!

soraya nulliah

dear sweet J-your new creation is unbelievablt CUTE...and yes! BELIEVE! I can't wait to hear what your exciting news is-so happy for you!!!
thank you so much for your b-day wishes to Tara dear sweet lady...she had a wonderful party and is now officially 2!!! xxx


Dearest sweet va, so lovely to have you here! Thanks so much for visiting and for your kind words. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Sarah Mar'atul Azizah

hi dear! feel so lucky find you. i find you from Sandy's giveaway..

really excited to visit your shop, but i can't open it. i don't know why, i have try to reload many times :(
i'll try later..

btw, i'm having a mini giveaway, if you had time to join please ;)

Sarah Azhezha

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