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January 24, 2011


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Eva Diva

Hi Jacqueline, I just want to tell you that you captured the essence of Chinatown and make this place looks extraordinary and so full of spirit. I'm going to ask you to remove me from the lucky draw though because I want other people to stand a chance to win this, since Chinatown is so near for me and I can always have a grab at these gorgeous lanterns if I want to! =)

Have a great day!


Dearest sweet Eva, you are soo sweet and thoughtful! Thanks so much sweet friend! Love to you!


Such lovely photographs! I miss living closer to San Francisco. I love going to China Town & all the festivals~ Thanks for taking me with you via photos! Saw your moving, good luck with the transition! Have a wonderful rest of your week!! xo Theresa


I like small stuff! Thanks! Even though my chance of winning is very slim.


Beautiful lanterns Jacqueline! And all of your gorgeous, colorful photos took me back to Chinatown when my hubby and I celebrated our honeymoon. =) Thank you so much for taking me down memory lane! I hope you have a great week sweetie!
lots of love
ps. in the chinese zodiac, i'm a rabbit, how about you?

soraya nulliah

Dear J-I just adore your pics. They are so cheerful and ...I can feel Chinatown through them:) Guess what...I just LOVE those custard tarts...I used to go to Chinatown just to get them...so good, I want one now! Big hugs to you:)


Dearest stephanie, so glad this post brings back sweet memories for you! Oh my this year your year!! :) How exciting. I'm an Ox. :) Love to you!


Oh my sweet soraya, those custard egg tarts are my favorite too!! They are soo yummiee. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!


So beautiful. You always have such vibrant colors in your photos and it makes my day. Love the lanterns. I would love to hang them in my studio. ~ Lori

Wendy Brightbill

Jacqueline, these photos are absolutely gorgeous. You always wow me with your photography. Thank you for sharing your beauty with the world.


Oh, so pretty! Love love love the lanterns! They give me a nostalgic feeling...maybe from my previous lives! Who knows? :)

I'm happy that you have a great time in China Town...I also need to go to Toronto's China Town for some fun!

Have a lovely happy days and lots of love to you! Hugs!! xoxo


oh the lanterns and flowers are so very beautiful! What a nice giveaway. Happy almost Thursday!


Wow, the pictures are magnificent. You must have had such a great time, enjoying the sites and having a nice day.
I hope your week has been just as wonderful!

Jo Wholohan

oh we must be chanelling jac!!! all i can draw at the moment is lanterns :)) xx

Mousy Brown

What wonderful pictures Jacqueline! It all looks so much fun and the colours are so cheery at this dull time of year...Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, I missed you too! I posted today and things should be back to normal a bit more now. Valarie was so lovely and we had a great time together - hopefully you and I could meet in the real world one day too! :D


Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous photos! So very colorful and inspiring!

I'd love to win some beautiful lanterns! What a fun giveaway!

Cookie Cutter

Seeing all that red really brings on the festive cheer, doesn't it! And we're the entering the weekend before CNY! I hope you have a great one and get to spend some wonderful time with you family.

lisa h.

All of your photos are so lovely. All that red and pink!

You're so nice to host this giveaway :)


the lanterns are GOrGEOUS! AS USUAL Jacqueline, you have a eye for beautiful things. And to share it...well just as BEAUTIFUL!


oh so beautiful lanterns. how lovely! I am crossing my fingers.. xo
happy weekend, hugs bonnierose


I love your photos, Jacqueline! So festive and fun. Thank you for sharing dear and have a beautiful weekend! xo – g


Such a beautiful, colourful and festive post!!! I love the decorative lanterns & the yummy tarts! Wishing you a Very Happy Chinese New Year!! Thanks for sharing a lantern with us! Love Wini xo

Helen (Dixon Hill Girl)

Oh, what gorgeous pictures! You really are a talented photographer, Jacqueline. Lovely giveaway, too... :)


It was certainly very hot last week and then suddenly it was raining for the past few days; I love the cooling weather.

Wishing you a merry happy lovely week ahead and yes, it's gonna be the Chinese New Year. Wishing you and your family a Happy Chinese New Year.

Glittering Shards - Concetta

Oh this is lush Jaqueline! Happy New Year and belated happy birthday to you :)

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