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February 11, 2011


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this is truly beauty..i love it too!

Valerie Weller

Welcome back from holiday Jacqueline. This is a fabulous bag! Love the fabric and design.So very excited about your acceptance into Pipit market- sooooo happy for you!

Pei Li

Hi Jacqueline,

The tote bag is just gorgeous! I love the colours and the design. :)

I'm a craft geek too, I can't stay away from crafting for even a day during holidays LOL

Have a lovely week!

Pei Li


I love your bag so much!!! Really pretty and so well made :) Congras sweetie!
Have a lovely weekend :)


Welcome back, Jacqueline! Glad you had a great break... and not surprising you did some crafting on holiday... I would too! ;o) LOVE the tote--it is fabulous! I love the striped fabric and the denim blue. Congrats on on being in on your local market--hooray! Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

Kate England

This is so stylish, Jacqueline! There's such a feel of travel and summer in marine stripes, isn't there?

Glad you got some time off, even if you cheated! :D and crafted some!


Glad your holidays were splendid Jacqueline. They sure sound like they were relaxing! Lovely tote!


I adore your new market tote! I love the size and the colors and that zipper closure. Just perfect! Congrats on getting your first market lined up. You will love it. I was nervous at first when I did my first market, but it turned out to be fun.


Welcome back Jacqueline! I love the tote, those are great colors...very nautical! I am so glad to hear that you had such a lovely holiday and congrats on getting accepted for the market lineup! I hope you have a lovely weekend!!! Much love to you!


Hi Jacqueline, So glad you had a nice vacation. I love the bag you made. I have made quite a few but always a little nervous about a zipper. lol I love all the details in the inside too! Great news about getting in the show! Have a lovely weekend. ~Theresa


Happy to hear that you had a lovely holiday! I think it's awesome that you are inspired to craft on vacation... shows how much you truly enjoy it. I LOVE the tote. Perfect colors, pattern and design!

Joyce Martin

The tote is SO cute! And congrats on getting into your local market - you'll do great and it will be tons of fun! :-)


LOVE the tote! Great job.


It's always so hard to get back into the swing of things after a break isn't it? I'm glad you had such a great time. As usual your sewing projects are beautiful and the Pipit market sounds like a fantastic opportunity - well done lovely!


I like the tote very much! It's so fresh and really gives me a summer feeling!
And I understand how excited you must feel because of your first market but you will see it will be a great experience!

Love to you



Dearest sweet Theresa, i totally understand this nervousness when it comes to working with zippers! I'm feeling more comfortable with zippers after many many practises. :) Love to you!

Mousy Brown

Amazing neat stitching as always! and I love that colour combo too...Glad you had such a lovely spring break, of course crafting must have been included - it wouldn't be a break otherwise!! I am off to a whole day print workshop today - very exciting...hope you have a wonderful crafty saturday too, big hugs Em xx


i love tote bags and yours is super cute! love the stripes and colours! it is simple and oh so functional. happy weekend to you too! hear from you soon. happy weekend!


It's lovely Jacqueline! I really love the colours too :)


love the tote- and your pictures do such a great job of showing off all the fine details! :)

Ingrid - London UK

Hi Jacqueline,
Glad to hear you had a lovely holiday! Yes, I also find it hard to get back to a routine when I have been away.
What a lovely, pretty and practical bag!
Have a lovely weekend!
Ingrid xx


That bag is amazing!

jan avellana

oh, jacqueline, this is just lovely! i loooovvveee linen too. :) oh, that i could sew! :) jan


Hi sweetie! I love the Marylinn tote. It is sooo cute and it so well done, the details are gorgeous. So happy you had a lovely holiday season. I understand you perfectly, sometimes is difficult to swing back after a much enjoyed vacation. The coming market experience will get you back for sure. Congratulations and I wish you lots of surprises and lots of sales there! Un abrazo!

Eva Diva

Oh Jacqueline, the tote bag is just gorgeous, reminds me of postcards, paris and a romantic getaway! I'm so so happy and excited for your being accepted to Pipit market bazaar, I'm definitely coming to visit you and show you my support!

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