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February 26, 2011


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Michele from Pipi La La

You are not the only one!!! We were completely staggered at the amount of clutter we had collected last time we moved! We burnt, dumped, gave away and recycled probably half a house full! And we will probably have to do it all again next time! :)

Pei Li

Hey Jacqueline,

I've tried to de-clutter each time I sit down to do some serious cleaning. I make an attempt to throw away a bag of stuff each time. It's hard when I've lived in the same house for 20 years and everything I own is in my bedroom. :P Hope the rest of your packing is smooth and you can resume to sewing. :)

Pei Li


No need to apologize, dear friend. Life sometimes gets the best of us.


MOVING??!! Oh, I must have somehow missed that big news--very exciting, Jacqueline! But rest assure the chaos and will eventually find its way to order. You are not alone. ;o) I'm taking a blog-break next week to get a start on some spring cleaning and de-clutter. It's crazy that two most have so much "stuff"! LOVE the sneak peek at the very pretty camera case. Take your time, rest when you can, enjoy... We'll be here. :o) Happy Days, my friend ((BIG HUGS))


hope all goes well with the packing and moving, and happy sewing in between. moving is a great time to take stock what's really important. feels good to de-clutter sometimes. letting go frees us. i am looking forward to meeting you in the handmade market at the empire gallery subang, it'll be fun!

Jodene Shaw

It is good to hear from you, sweet lady. Your photos always have a cozy comfort to them that makes me feel like I am looking at home.


The last time we moved I got to the point where I just started throwing things away, it was so overwhelming. I think I do a pretty good job keeping only what is important, but somehow I'm still amazed at how much I own! Good luck on the move, it's so stressful but so nice when it is over.


Moving can be so much work, especially the packing, my least favorite part. I always use it as an opportunity to get rid of some of my clutter. Sounds like a crazy time for you, so hang in there!

soraya nulliah

Sweet J-you are moving??!! Oh I hope it's to that wonderful sunny cottage you showed us pics of a while back! I remember that darling place! Wow! Totally impressed...moving and sewing?? Yes...packing SUCKS!! But you will get through it. xxx


Oh yes...moving does take a lot of mental and physical energy my sweet friend. Just think of the rewards at the end of it all.

I am sooooo sorry I missed your sweet giveaway...

hugs for lots of extra energy. xox


I moved house 3 years ago and went through the same stage of thinking about how it can be possible to acquire so much stuff! :) I hope your move goes smoothly and that we can have you back here more often :)


I moved at the end of August and I know exactly what you're saying. The packing went on and on and on and it was amazing how many boxes I needed. I hate to think of my "stuff" as clutter (I got rid of a lot, too). The whole situation was so emotionally draining.

Hang in there and I hope everything goes smoothly!!

Sending you HUGS!!


OMG! Moving is not one of my fav things in this life...Hope the work is worth the move! It is always a joy to hear from you Jacqueline friend! Hugs!

Mousy Brown

Oh I remember that stage well! Take your time, it will get better and all be worth it! Don't worry yourself about the snail mail - I can wait! Take care sweet friend Em xx


Yes, take your time, dear Jacqueline! Moving is sooo much work and always creates such a chaos so that I can understand you really well.
I'm looking forward to seeing more of your lovely photos of your special order :-)

Love to you



looks like you've got some great projects underway! can't wait to see the results!


Yes, moving is just crazy. No matter what, once you start pulling things out of closets you wonder how it all actually FIT in your house. The other end of it (when you get to the new place) is something to look forward to though. So organized.


Dearest sweet soraya, i wish it's a move to stay with my mister at that beautiful sunny cottage but that will have to wait for a bit. This time it's a move in to stay with my sister and brother. :) Happy sunday sweet friend! Love to you!

rachel awes

your blog & creations are so dear! as for crickets, we really do have them in our home!!(to feed our 12 yr. old son's pet turquoise chameleon!).


Moving is always a crazy time, so I hope it goes as smooth as it can for you and that your around loved ones to help, that can always be fun! And yes, take time out to refuel yourself!


Hi dearest sweet Jacqueline, my eyes spied much gorgeousness in your pictures. You must have so much fun working on your adorable projects!
Enjoy your Monday Morning cup, sweet sweet friend. We are in Belgium for a few days, there is sun, happy children what else could I wish for? Hee hee.
Love to you xxxxx


definitely been there Jacqueline, not to put you off but i'm still unpacking boxes since our move to our new house last May!! I can't believe how much stuff I've got.



Oh I HATE moving! I'm always amazed at home much STUFF we've accumulated even when I try my best to clear out the clutter. Such a pain!

lisa h.

Moving is always overwhelming. It's easy not to be confronted with just how much stuff accumulates in a household when it's all tucked away in cupboards & drawers. But when you move house, it *all* comes out!

Good luck, dearie, I hope you are not having too stressful of a time with the move. Think of how wonderful it will be to have your new home all set up & pretty!


Moving? I don't recall you mentioning this before. It is crazy how much stuff one person can accumulate isn't it? Maybe you should use it as an opportunity to purge. I've been wanting to do that around here...I feel like I can think better when there is less clutter around me. Hope it all goes well ♥ Tricia

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