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February 26, 2011


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Sandy a la Mode

hi j!! i adore the little "so cute it hurts" button you made!! hope you are well!!


I hope your days will getter better! Take your time, soon you'll be back to your normal rhythm ;)
I absolutely love thos 'So cute it hurts' buttons!!! Adorable!! =)
A lovely week to you

Cookie Cutter

Good luck with the packing and moving. It's never easy so what you're experiencing is normal :). I'm sure it'll be done soon!

Eva Diva

Hey Jacqueline, don't worry, I think having clutter is very human. I've been decluttering for days, gave away Tapes, it was funny that I kept tapes of backstreet boys!Was laughing at my choice of music!The papers I gave away,oh, I think they must equal a few trees.

Be gentle with yourself and do clean slowly, will miss you while you're away, and hope you do do enjoy your sewing!

emily b

Oh, Jacqueline - I so know how you feel! We are in the process of moving, too, and the constant state of disorganization is so uninspiring! I hope you are able to work through it without too much stress. I am happy to see you are still creating such beautiful projects amidst the chaos! Smiles!


hello my dear,
fine to hear from you here...;)...and yes i know exactly what you wrote about...so keep calm and i´m sure everything will find its way...wish you a sucessful week and a little break time for your soul...take care and i´m looking forward to your next post...merci...cheers and hugs...i...


Good luck and all the best with the move! I hope you manage to get through it all ok!! Love your new cozy too. Looking forward to seeing it finished!! Thinking of you. Wini xo


I didn't know you were moving, dear Jacqueline!! Yes, moving is always chaotic and makes one evaluate one's possessions. Just reorganizing my studio made me realize I have too many props but still I go shopping. Wishing you a wonderful week and hugs to you! xo – g


Good luck with the move! Yes, it can be one of the most overwhelming times. Hang in there! I am sure the in the end it'll all be worth it~
Take care, xo Theresa


Jacqueline, I love the custom camera cases you make! :) Very sweet indeed. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your comments very much. Hope you are having a great week!

Laura :)


Oh, I hope you have an easy moving my lovely friend! :) Your camera cover is adorable! Love the detailed photos too.


Big big hugs!!! :)


Moving is so stressful and LIFE consuming. I am wishing you the best. I love the pictures in this post. Pure sweetness.

Pam Holderman

Oh so cute. Clutter, what clutter? hee hee... and unfortunately I have been at my dad's and going through my mom's things and moving lots of them here. So I like to call it memories and not clutter. There you go.

Glittering Shards - Concetta

All the very best with your move sweet lady - may you declutter and re-organise and in the midst, find special treasures. x


i just adore visiting your blog! and am so smitten with everything you create! you're so talented and inspiring!!!

good luck with everything!


Ingrid - London UK

Dear Jacquline,
My thoughts are with you in your move. I hope it all goes well!!
All the best and big hugs,
Ingrid xoxo


good luck with the moving!
thanks for your sweet comment on my blog about my doggies, zoe and scout-



Happy Women's Day ƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ*

Kate England

Wow! I know you've been hinting about changes to come, is the MOVE it?! Or are there more?! Eager to hear more about what's going on! :D

I can tell that you're really busy, and I also wanted to say that I know how much work it takes to blog, and that I'm sure all your readers don't mind that you can't always update as often as you'd like to.

With LOTS of love!!

Valarie Budayr

Missing you Jacqueline but I love all of the cuteness happening over here. Be well.


Moving is wild and crazy. We are moving soon too. I love your sweet fabric in the first photo. :) Your new camera sounds like loads of fun.


Hee hee. There have been crickets in my space lately, too. I cant imagine trying to pack up our life right now and fit it all into boxes. Streesuo just to think about. Hang in there!

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