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April 02, 2011


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As always your work is fabulous and the pictures are amazing! I love the tray! Wishing you a lovely and very productive weekend to get to finish your new space! Hugs!


Dear Jacqueline...how lovely to see what you have been making. all the very best wishes to you in your new venture...it is fun working to deadlines..I'm sure you will be very productive.
Love moira x

Mousy Brown

Nice to see you back - we missed you! Glad things are getting settled and feeling like home. The brooches look beautiful I am sure they will be a big hit at the market! Any sign of the Snail mail yet? Or has it got confused by the change of address?? xx


Dearest sweet emma, i received a notification from the receptionist at my day job late friday about a package arrived for me. I was in a hurry to leave office that day so i couldn't go pick it up. I will have it pick up on monday and im sure it will be your package! I will keep you posted on it next week! Love to you!


Hi, Jacqueline--we've missed you a lot! :o) So glad all went well with your move and you're getting settled in nicely, an carving out your creative corner. LOVE your pretty blooms--these are so sweet, and I adore the pink & white colors! This Pipit sounds/looks like a lot of fun. I have to go back and read more... Thanks so much for your lovely comment at my place. Lots of changes for everyone these days it seems. ;o) Happy Days, my friend--great to have you back here! ((BIG HUGS))

Carolyn Phillips

Those broaches are wonderful, Until I read down I thought I was looking at trays of real flowers.


Dear Jacqueline, these brooches are wonderful! Will you be selling them in your etsy? And Pei Li's trays are ADORABLE! xo K

Pei Li

Dear Jacqueline!

The brooches look so lovely! You have been a busy bee! I'm sure they will be a hit :) Hoping to see more of what you'll be making for the Pipit Market. :D Have a wonderful weekend!

Pei Li


Dearest sweeet Kelley, yes i'm planning to upload one of each color to my little etsy shop soon. I will keep you posted once i have them up for sale. Thanks so much for your lovely kind words. Love to you!


Dear Jacqueline, So glad to hear your settling in and able to blog again & crafting. Super Sweet photographs of your broaches and the tray. Lovely work. Thanks for the visit!!
xo Theresa


Your images are adorable today....those flowers and trays together are a match made in heaven!

Hope your day is going well sweet friend. xoxoxo


I was just thinking of you. It's nice that you took a little time off to organize. We are moving right now and I'm considering a break myself.

These flowers are so sweet and I love your friends miniatures over at her blog too.

Have a happy lovely day! ;)


Yay! I'm going to get one! Have a good weekend. xo K


what a BEAUTIFUL pairing with your gorgeous goodies. So excited to hear how market goes for you. xoRobin


Good luck with market preparation! The brooches are very sweet. :) Glad to hear you are settling in to your new home.

Pam Holderman

Glad you are getting settled and creating. Your colors just make my soul swoon - too gorgeous for words!


Love the bright colors! Happy weekend!


Hi dear Jacqueline, as always you´ve been making so many sweet things , they are so adorable!
Thank you for coming by my blog, I´ve been away for a while, too!
I hope you are okay and wish you a wonderful weekend with lots of love,


I am so impressed that you have managed to work on so many projects in the midst of moving... I could use a dose of your creative energy. Best of luck with the Pipit Wonderful Market, and enjoy settling in to your new creative space!

Valerie Weller

Oh Jacqueline... good to see you here! I've thought about you often. How lovely that you are getting settled in your new home and also preparing for Pipit. Your pieces are as sweet as can be!

Your words...
"These brooches are sweet and feminine with a taste of cuteness".... are a metaphor for the "sweet Jacqueline". Best to you...

Karla (EnRouge)

I'm relieved to hear that you are getting all settled .. sounds like you are feeling good and excited about your new market place {i had not heard of it but it looks really nice}. have fun creating Jacqueline .. and be sure to give yourself some treats along the way. : )


I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering if you were okay and now...Ta Da...here you are. I'm glad to know you are doing well and things are coming together bit by bit. I love your little brooches, they are absolutely adorable.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend ♥


Glad to see you back! Your brooches are so beautiful and your friend's trays are just perfect to display them. I hope you're finding some time in all the hectic-ness to relax a bit. The market sounds like such fun even if it will be a lot of work to get ready.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!!


Beautiful brooches and beautiful photos...wow! Good luck with everything and I agree those trays are lovely!

Ingrid - London UK

Dear Jacqueline,
The little brooches are wonderful! Very cute! I also love the boxes that your friend made.
Have a good week.
Love and hugs,
Ingrid xoxo

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