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May 30, 2011


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Dollhouse Miniatures by Pei Li

Dear Jacqueline,

It's been a little warm over here in Singapore too..but I hope you are better now! Good food and great company...what more can we ask for ;)
Hope you have lots of energy and inspiration to continue your crafting pursuits :)) Can't wait to see them!

Have a great week sweet friend!

Pei Li


Ooh, happy happy Geburtstag zu deinem Mr. sweet Jacqueline!! You must be looking forward to that loooooong vacation in lovely Germany.
Lots of love for a wonderful new week my friend o xx o xx o xx o


So yummy! Beautiful photos! Hope you can celebrate soon with your mister! Have a very lovely week!


Happy Birthday to your sweet guy! Sending you some extra love today my friend. xoxox


Humm.. I'd love to taste that someday! :p
Have a great week sweetie! I'm already curious to see your next projects! :)
And Happy Birthday to Mr.So-cute-it-hurts :D heheheh


i had banana leaf rice with my good friend yesterday! yum! i love banana leaf rice + eating with my bare hands! yummm...

oh! happy birthday to the mister in hamburg! hope you'll be able to visit him soon! long vacation sounds very exciting!


Dearest sweet Nia, i love this "Mr.So-cute-it-hurts"!! Made me giggle so loud! Thanks so much for visiting me here today! Love to you sweet sweet friend!


Dear sweet Alison, i love banana leaf rice lots but im clummsy eating with my hands so i always go for the folk and spoon. hehe Thanks so much for your sweet comment! Love to you!

Pam Holderman

oh yum I want some now...wish I could visit and try some with you. Oh Germany, when do you get to see him?


Dearest sweet pam, the mister and i are planning a off-peak season vacation to Germany somewhere around either July/Aug/Sept. More time for me to save up on the air-ticket and some vacation spending money. :) Love to you sweet friend!


Happy birthday to the Mister! I hope you were able to get some sewing time squeezed in. ;) Have a lovely week!


Wishing your mister happy birthday wishes! Your photos are lovely...making me a bit hungry!


hej my dear...thanks for your sweet words and hope that you feel better now...;)...and wow what a delicious recipe...and now i´m hungry...and you will visit Germany? When and how long? wish you a very creative and inspiring week...take care and enjoy your sewing projects...a big hug...cheers...i...


Dearest sweet ines, YES the mister and i are planning an off-peak season vacation for me to visit Germany somewhere around either July/Aug/Sept. I am hoping to stay for a month or more if everything goes well. Will keep you updated! Love to you!


Hello Jacqueline! Happy Tuesday to you. A vacation to Hamburg?! My that sounds wonderful. I'll bet you're really looking forward to that, especially since you'll be spending time with the Mister :) Happy birthday to him, by the way. Hope you have a wonderful week ♥


Jacqueline, happy birthday to your sweet! And have a great week :)
These photos are amazing, they make me hungry :)

Ren Lady Of The Arts

Oh yum- all of the photos look good enough to eat.


I really love your photos, they have such a soft feeling to them I just want to print them out and stick them on my wall :) I hope those horrid headaches go away soon :(


What a sweet post. Meals out with friends are one of the very best things!

Thanks for stopping by my blog while I was away. I need to find some motivation to get back into sewing tomorrow....once I unpack. :)

Feel better soon Jacqueline!

Laura :)


Hi Jacqueline, how are you? :)
Wow, the vegetarian banana leaf rice was so authentic! I love it! In fact, banana leaf rice is always one of my favorites.
Have a wonderful week ahead! :D
Hugs, Mandy


Hi Jacqueline, I hope you're feeling better now! Your comfort food looks delicious! I hope that The Spark Kit really inspires you!! I also love the beautiful song you shared. Its really soulful. I'd heard it before but didn't know who sang it and now I do so thanks! Happy birthday to your Mister!! A trip to Hamburg sounds like it will be some kind of wonderful! Have a happy week! Wini xo


Lotus root soup sounds so exotic!! I hope you are feeling much better, dear. Happy Birthday to your Mister! xoxo – g

collette schildkraut

food looks delicious... Yum.. I hoe you and your mister have a wonderful time in Germany.....

AG Ambroult

happy birthday to the mister! Jacqueline, when ever you post pictures of food, it looks absolutely mouth-watering good.
Did you get the spark kit at that name your price birthday deal? I did too, though I haven't started going through it just yet. Excited to sink my teeth into it, though.


Dearest sweet Amy, YES i did get the spark kit at that name your price birthday deal! So HAPPY you did too! :) I am really enjoying it so far and trying to soak in on the details. Thanks so much for the mister's birthday wish! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

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