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June 20, 2011


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I love your little space..and those buttons...pure joy my friend. HUGS

Valerie Weller

What a delightful post Jacqueline! I love your beautiful space!! It's light, and airy, sweet, and meaningful, and full of all good things. I particularly love your book collection. Fun to see books in Japanese. (oh and I am honored to see a tiny heartsie on your inspiration board- makes me smile even bigger!) hugs to you!


Dearest sweet Valerie, thanks so much for your lovely sweet words and for visiting me today! I'm SO HAPPY you notice your sweet HEARTsie ornament!! Thank you so much for your perfect sweet gifts. Openning your package, looking at all the gifts you gave me and reading your sweet note made me teary! I will treasue these gorgeous items for many many years to come! Love to you!

fenny setiawan

Hi Jacqueline,
Thanks for drop by to F4fabulous today. It made my day :) and I am so happy I also found another local blogger. I hope we can keep in touch and may be someday can talk over coffee (hope not an aggressive movement..lol). I will be back to visit your blog. You are such a talented artist and I love your little corner of your studio. Take care.Xo Fenny

Pam Holderman

What a wonderful, inspirational place. Books just are so important aren't they? I can get lost in them as well as pretties on the computer too. I have so many unframed pieces of art and sad to say I am out of room, but I still collect them. Blessings and a happy week to you!


Wow. I love the little details of your space. Now I want to see the whole thing! You've inspired me to finally get around to filling up the blank walls in my art space.


oh I see a kokeshi bookmark =) heheh
You have a lovely space! looks so sweet, so inspiring =)

Such a beautiful painting that you have there, adorable! =)
And I see another painting.. looks like Mr & Mrs So-cute-it-hurts :D

Hugs&Smiles to you my sweet friend!
I love reading your blog and admiring your pictures.. you always make me smile :D


Dearest sweet penny, thanks so much for coming over here to have tea with me and thank you for your kinda words. :) I'm also glad i found you too! Talk over coffee some days sounds wonderful. Love to you!


Dearest sweet lalove, this is the first in my new corners of my creative space series and there will be more stories and photos to come. :) Thanks so much for your lovely sweet comment! It made my day! Love to you!

S and O

Your creative space is so cute!
I know what you mean about all that organizing that all summer has been about for me :D

lisa h.

What a nice little 'nest' you're making for yourself -- it's so perfectly you!

(and I'm a bit jealous of all your wonderful books and Japanese magazines -- wow!)

Ingrid - London UK

Dearest Jacqueline,
Your space looks lovely! It is a great feeling to create a special work area to do your creative work. Love the print with all the buttons.
Lots of love to you,
xoxo Ingrid


hello dear friend...wow...its so cozy and inspiring in your crafty room...just lovley...and its so fine to have you here with all your lovley ideas and inspirations...really cool craft books...now i wish i could come to you and sew with you some little sweet treasures...;)...wish you a lovley and cozy weekend...have a great time...cheers and hugs...i...


I love the sweetness of your studio space. It seems you are enjoying it so much! I know you will create lots of cute and gorgeous things in there!

Have a lovely Sunday dear!


Only you could make a book nook so adorable/creative/warm. It's awesome!
And i, too, have a stack of intranet prints just waiting to be hung up. Eventually...


What a beautiful, inspiring and orderly creative space! I love your pinboard too. A lavender plant would make a lovely addition. Happy creating! Wini xo


What a nice little corner, Jacqueline. it looks so inspiring.

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