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June 20, 2011


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Darling, I love your space! so nice and neat and pretty!!! Love reading your posts :)


Michele from Pipi La La

What an absolutely beautiful space!! I am totally envious of it!! Everything is just so delicious! :)


what a lovely and inspiring space! love it! is that painting from mati rose? and a portrait of you and yours? love the details of tiny colourful plants and animals perched on the notice board!

happy week to you!


Dollhouse Miniatures by Pei Li

Hi Jacqueline,

Lovely lovely crafting space! I love it, and thank you so much for showing us around! Hehe I was smiling away when I saw the many japanese craft books you had on your book shelf! Your little space looks cozy and is definitely you! I am equally excited with your lavender plant! Do take a photo to show us when it arrives ok?

Have a terrific week! :)

Pei Li

Mitzi Curi

I don't think there's anything more exciting than getting a new creative space set up. So many exciting possibilities. Who knows what wonderful things you'll be making there?


Your new studio space is so PRETTY, Jacqueline! LOVED having this peek... you have a wonderful collection of books, and the place does look bright & cheerful. Did you make that name banner--very cute?! Lavender... one of my favorite plants, favorite scents. Hope it grows well & thrives in your new creative space. Glad you're feeling better. :o) Happy Week, my friend ((HUGS))


Dearest sweet alison, that gorgeous commissioned painting is by sweet Marisa of Creative Thursday! And that beautiful portrait of my mister and me is by lovely Cathy Nichols! I really LOVE them both so much. :) Love to you!


What a lovely space you have, can I please move in? :D
Looking at these photos reminds that I need to do a major clearout in my art room, even though even after a clearout it won't look as nice and cosy as yours :)


a space that radiates joy!

Dana Barbieri

You have such a happy studio Jacqueline. I really love it. And books...yes, I too have many of them.... I am a little bit addicted I think. Thanks for sharing these pics with us. And good luck with your lavender. Mine is flowering now after one year.


OH wow! Your space is so cute and pretty, definitely looks super inspiring!


Such a darling little space. :) Hope you have a great week!


Such a lovely place! So many pretty and lovely things: your books, the art you've collected, the banner... Thank you for showing your special creative space!!!

Love to you


Mousy Brown

So lovely to see where my papercut has found a home! It looks very happy with you :D Glad you are getting some rest and peace, thank you for the glimpse into your special creative space! xx


Dearest sweet pei li, i will take photos of my lavender plant when it arrives. I just hope i don't kill the poor plant! haha Love to you!


Just these little sneak peeks are so cute!!! So cute it hurts. :) I'm working on the same thing...you've inspired me to get back up there and do a few things before going to bed.


Jacqueline, Thanks for sharing pictures of your space, it looks so nice and airy - an inspiring place to work indeed!

And thanks for coming by my blog and your good wishes - I've been neglecting my visits here and just finally am catching up and read about your market event in May! That sounds like it was an exciting time for you and your pictures are wonderful. I love your new bib purses, too.

Enjoy the lavender plant, you will have some nice color and it will smell good, also!


Your place is a very happy and sweet spot, Jacqueline. Love inspiration boards! I believe you are surrounded by nothing but cuteness.
Yesterday, a white package started his voyage, it will be crossing the seven seas this week, to y o u .
Lots of love ~o xx o~


Love your inspirational board, it is sooo colorful! And the little houses and painting sitting on top of your new bookcase...they make your craft room so happy and lovely :).


Awwww I really love your studio space! It's so inspiring and full of lovely things! I think a lavender plant will be perfect for your craft space :) I love lavender too!
Have a great week sweet Jacqueline!


loving your book corner and that artwork is gorgeous :)

PS: how do you get that typepad button appearing under comments?



hello babydoll!! love love love your space!! i so so wish mine's as tidy as yours... i'm terrible at keeping things organized. everything's all over the place... kitchen, dining, upstairs, downstairs... aargh(!!) that bunting looks familiar *giggle* also i have the same heart-box but in the exact opposite colour. awesome..!! and i have a lavender plant too :D (shhh it's my 3rd attempt) and am still figuring out how to keep it alive... sigh. anyhooters, lovin' your studio and am inspired to get started on mine as well.


Dearest sweet shelby, thanks so much for your sweet lovely words on my little corner! I try my best to keep things neat and tidy around my creative space but sometimes it's just hard to do. hehe
That gorgeous bunting is made by sweet murni! Had her whip one up for Pipit market and im so glad i did coz it's lovely!
I'm not a very good plant keeper either and i'm hoping that i won't "kill" this poor lavender when it arrives. Love to you!


I feel like I need to do the same. My creative space is needing attention! You have inspired me. I have tackled some other areas but that space has much needed attention. Everything looks so pretty & organized! I'll try not to be jealous. lol PS. you must share your must haves on your book shelf. I am a book lover! You will love your lavender plant. They are so pretty & fragrant! Have a wonderful week!!


Dearest sweet Theresa, i am a book lover too! About 90% of my books on my shelf are japanese craft books and magazines. :) The rest of the 10% are english books and some of them are listed on my Books i'm loving section to the left. :D But sharing my books sounds like a wonderful idea. I will try to figure out something along with this series Corners of my creative space. :) Love to you!

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