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June 26, 2011


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Dollhouse Miniatures by Pei Li

Dearest sweet Jacqueline!

Oooh, I'm just so thrilled to see your post! The milk bottles are gorgeous! Great finds!

I'm so excited with your new exhibition! Congrats! Isn't that exciting!! Can't wait to hear more about that..

Have a fabulous day crafting!

Pei Li


Oooh...just cant wait to see what you will be storing in those little cute bottles :). It's a beautiful Sunday, with lots of love to you too, Jacqueline! xx


Oh, those little milk bottles are the cutest things. I don't like milk either and I haven't drank any in years and years...ugh. I can't wait to see what you're going to do with the bottles. Have a great week :)


what an adorable bottle! yes indeed you have such lovely & inspiring creative corner! i wish one day i will be able to decorate a creative space like you. but for now, i will have to hold back my urge to buy more things if we were to move. but oh! such sweetness! i'll just keep on dreaming for now. thank you so much for sharing.


I can absolutely understand you: those bottles are really lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing more corners of your creative space!

Have a lovely Sunday!



I don't know if I could taste goat's milk but for sure I would buy it to have that gorgeous bottle! Sending Love to you!


Congratulations on your new projects!!! I look forward to hearing more about it.

The milk bottle is adorable! I'd want to collect those for sure. :)

Have a nice upcoming week!


S and O

You got to buy your milk and drink it too :P your sooo cute!
and yes, that bottle is adorable :D


I have a thing for jars too, and this one is perfect. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Happy weekend!


I can see why you could not resist this gorgeous milk bottle, my friend. It IS beautiful. Did it find a spot in your inspiring and cozy atelier? I find myself buying lovely jam jars just because they look so pretty.
Lots of love for a happy happy new week sweet Jacqueline xoxoxoxo


I agree!! That bottle is really adorable =) The cutest thing!!!
You don't drink milk? Oh I love milk so much (cow milk, never drank goat's milk)


Dearest sweet nia, so happy to see you here! Yes, i am really not a huge fan of milk and don't quite like it. :) Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

fenny setiawan

lovely milk bottle, sometime I can get fool by packaging too, and bought stuffs because of it haha...
And I love the idea of your coming series. Will visit again soon :)


Those little bottles are so adorable!!! Love your bunting fabric my friend. Hugs for a great MONDAY...I guess it is almost your TUESDAY?



Very sweet bottle--love the shape! And goat's milk is surprisingly good, isn't it? Goat's milk is very good for the body--inside & out. Nothing like a goat's milk soap/bath product for the skin. I used not to like drinking milk of any kind either. When I became unwell last autumn and had some big issues with vitamin/nutrient deficiencies, I started drinking milk again. It took a while, but I'm starting to like drinking skim milk now. And feeling healthier for it. :o) Can't wait to hear/see more of what' you've got going behind the scenes there, Jacqueline! Happy Week ((HUGS))


hej my dear...what a lovley milk bottle...;)...and so much to work?...i┬┤m so exciting about all your upcoming inspirations...here its so hot today...and i enjoy the summertime outside with some little work...;)...wish you a wonderful sunny week with lots of delights for your soul...a big hug and much more...cheers...i...


Hello sweet Jacquelin!! If I ever get married, I totally want wedding buntings ;) I once had the same dilemma with milk... but in my case, I love milk, I just didn't know if I wanted to pay the extra just for a the pretty packaging. Of course I did and now use the glass jar to hold fresh cut flowers... it was a worthwhile investment, lol.

Keep up the beautiful blogging and your wonderful crafts. I absolutely love what you do!!

Big hugs to you, darling :)
xoxox Diana

Michele from Pipi La La

Oh my goodness!So much is happening for you! An exhibition! Wahoo!!!! And I want some of that milk!!!


Ohmygosh! It's been too long since i stopped by. And exhibition? Collaboration? Corners of your studio? Adorable milk bottles? It is ALL good, my friend.

Cookie Cutter

I have a thing for these vintage inspired milk bottles too! I have 2 of them right now.

Looking forward to your series!

Sandy a la Mode

hope you are having fun crafting! that is soo cool you are making bunting for weddings, you should share a pic of the bunting at the weddings!!

Valerie Weller

oh jacqueline... I love that you find the tiniest things to create with! That milk bottle is quite adorable~ perhaps a tiny coffee cup or tiny cookie next. :D Can't wait to see what excitement is coming soon.... hugs to you!


I think I too would have bought the bottle of milk - it does look soooo cool :)



i would've also bought that adorable little bottle, but probably would not have had the milk.


What a great bottle! I'm a sucker for sweet bottles and jars and anything pretty like that. I always need something to hold flowers! Or MANY somethings.

Can't wait to see your creative spaces. Your book space is sweet!

Congrats on all the exciting stuff you've been working on!!

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