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June 11, 2011


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wow...a wonderful exhibition...;)...lovley art work...wish you a wonderful weekend with some little breaks for you and your soul...take care, my dear...and enjoy to do nothing...all the best and so much more...a big hug...cheers...i...


Glad to hear that you're back to your old self! Take care, will you? :)

Wow, that exhibition was fascinating! By the way, what is that round stuff with a rabbit on it? Stone?(In the last picture)


Dearest sweet mandy, oh yes those are paintings on stones by sweet Alison! :) They are really adorable. Thanks so much for your well wishes! Love to you!


I'm glad you are feeling better, Jacqueline. Thank you for sharinf us the exhibition, it's always nice to peek ather artists work. Take care xm


How fun!! Just glad you are feeling better. The art is so interesting, very cool!

Art by Karena

Mousy Brown

Take care and feel better! xx


Such an inspiring exhibition is so good for the soul and meeting lovely friends is even better!
I wish you a wonderful and healthy weekend, dear friend! Eat a lot of your good homemade comfort food and get enough sleep :-)

Love to you



Wow, that's wonderful! Thanks for sharing, Jacqueline.
Hugs, Mandy


Such a wonderful exhibit! Oh and I just adore the bunny rock. :) Hope you are having a most relaxing and joyful weekend. -xo Kim


Glad to hear you're feeling better again, I get these sinus problems as well and they are horrible :(
Exhibition looks great, just the thing to lift you up and inspire :)

Dollhouse Miniatures by Pei Li

Amazing exhibition! There is something therapeutic just looking at art paintings. Hope you are feeling better now, and have a wonderful weekend, sweet friend!

I wish you have a great week ahead too.

Pei Li


I'm glad you are feeling better and looks like a beautiful exhibition! Take care of yourself, dear! :)


Happy to hear you're feeling better these days! Sinus infections are no fun! What an amazing and inspiring art show to attend. I love seeing your friends' beautiful artwork! Here's to a better week.

jenny holiday

Hello Jaqueline!! You adorable lil thing you! :) Thank you so very uch for visiting my tiny corner of bogland! And for your lovely words. We are very excited to be revisiting our roots with our newest collection. Everything truly is Rosey in the studio right now! :) So happy to be connected! I will be reading your blog archives this evening! :) Hooray!

xo Jenny

jenny holiday

ps....please forgive the crazy typos...this is my life...with a chihuahua on my lap begging to be smooshed at all times..haha. One handed typing isn't always perfect. ;)



Looks like an inspiring exhibition, then again, exhibition are always inspiring in any kind of way.
I cannot wait to find your package in the mail, sweet Jacqueline.
Lots of love for a wonderful new week, I guess you will be enjoying your very first cup of this new week soon now ;)
o xx o xx o


Dearest sweet Jenny, thank YOU so much for coming by my little bubble space! Im so excited and happy to be connected with you and i've also been reading blog archives as well!! :) Love to you!


Dearest sweet sweet saskia, im having my very first cup right now!! I cannot wait for you to receive your little package and i hope you like everything thatz in it. :) Love to you!


Beautiful art. Sinus infections are not fun.


Hi Jacqueline, Great to hear that you're feeling better now. Thank you for sharing Eva and Alison's fantastic exhibition with us! I'm in love with the first painting!! I hope you learn heaps from the Spark Kit. Would love to hear your thoughts about it. Love Wini xo


good to hear you are feeling better Jacqueline :) thank you for sharing such gorgeous artwork. enjoy your week. xx


FANTASTIC art! I love art and exhibitions. These are wonderful--I love the all the bright colors & rich, lush patterns. Hubby & I are on a roll of visiting/seeing exhibits--we can never get enough of art! So sorry you're not feeling well though... Be taking good care, rest when you can, and be feeling better soon... Thinking of you! ((BIG HUGS))


Beautiful and amazing paintings...Great Photos...Thank for sharing..
Take care my sweet friend, hope you can feel better soon!!

Wishing a lovely, sinus free week!!

Ren Lady Of The Arts

I love being in the presence of other creative minds- sounds like a lovely retrospective of art and life.


Sorry to hear you were under the weather at the start of the week, sweet Jacqueline. But so happy to hear that you are back to your chipper cheerful self.

Loving all of this art, whimsical, beautiful, and fun!!

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