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July 30, 2011


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Soooo many SWEET PRETTIES! What a great way to be featured, and among some great talent--very fun, Jacqueline! So sorry you've not been feeling well though. Hope your headaches are gone soon, and you'll be on the mend. Take good care now... Happy weekend ((BIG HUGS))


why is there such thing as a headache anyway??? i get em too...what a wonderful exhibition! congratualtions! it all looks great and i love your photography of it too!


Hi dear Jacqueline, I hope you feel better. So many sweet items in your images from the exhibit. No luck with the fix of the Blog yet. Will keep you posted! I hope that darn headache goes away quick!!
xo Theresa


good luck! Such gorgeous goodies and such lovely pictures - wish I was there :)



This is so cute. I love polka dots. :) Hope your headache goes away soon. :)


Aww congratulations! It all looks super cute... Just as it should be!!!! Hugs xxxxx


What a lovely exhibition. Congratulations to you!! :)


What an adorable and refreshing looking exhibit! Thank you for sharing lovely pictures. Hope you feel better now!



Love polka dots, it's such a cute idea! I hope you're doing fine now, Jacqueline! *hugs*


congratulations...sooooo awesome!! lovely photos to boot!!


I loved seeing this exhibit, wish I could be there!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

I hope your headache went away quickly and that you're feeling 100% soon!

And thanks for your sweet message at my blog. I've been traveling a little this summer and spending more time with my kids than on the internet so I haven't been around too much.


Wow, what a gorgeous exhibition. Loved all those little glimpses.

Pei Li

Dear Jacqueline,

I hope you had a restful weekend and that your headache has gone away!

Beautiful creations, the exhibition sounds wonderful!!

Pei Li


Oh, everything at this exhibition is so lovely and so very cute! There are really a lot of beautiful creations (I love the colours!) to be found and your work looks so perfect together with them!
I hope you will leave this ugly headache land soon (or hopefully already did) so that you can enjoy this Monday!

Have a wonderful week!



Dear Jacqueline, Sorry to hear about your headache and hope you get well soon. What a fantastic exhibition!! Everything looks so beautiful and cute. I especially love the patchwork slippers with the polka dot lining!! Thank you for sharing it with us and I hope it was a big success!!! Wini xox


uh, first i hope that you feel better now...and second this little goodies are so amazing...wish i had visited this exhibition, too...;)...so congratulations, my dear friend...i hope you will have a lovley week with lots of creativity and delights for your lovable soul...take care and much more...cheers and a big hug...i...


what a lovely affair this is! Your work indeed fit in PERFECTLY with all that ADORABLE goodness. xoRobin


Oh lovely- I recognize the dolls by eeching and Evangelione. What great company you are with- that is a wonderful little exhibition. And I feel for you with the headache- I was at battle with one all weekend! Hope you feel better!


So sorry you have to deal with that crazy headache, but happy to see you could make it to the exhibition! Your talent is amazing. Best wishes....hope you feel better now! XOXO


Oh my, look at all the cute and adorable little creations! I hope it went well for you. I feel your pain with the headaches. I had an awful one this weekend that took me on a trip to vomit land. Not nice.

xo Tricia


ohhhh my heart is melting!!! so many lovely pictures together =) my eyes are on ecstasy!! :D ahahahah
I wish I could be there and watch in person!
Congrats Jacky! Congrats on your works!!!
Have a lovely week and I hope you're feeling better already :)


Congratulations!! I love Polka dots and I really wish I could be there to see all of your cute creations!!! With much love to you!

fenny setiawan

Jacqueline, lovely event. I really would love to visit PIPIT too. I really want to explore more about our local artist here. I really hope one day you can bring me there and mingle with them :) Do u think its a good idea?


Congrats, again! So lovely! Thanks for taking us along.

I'm sorry you're in headache land. Not fun. Today I finally woke up without one after about a week of them. Hope yours goes away soon!


Dearest sweet fenny, taking you to Pipit and explore more with out local artists sounds wonderful! I know it will be lovely and inspiring. Love to you!

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