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July 22, 2011


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This is THE cutest little creation I have ever seen, dear Jacqueline! Your hard work paid off. I'm so happy that you have a great relationship with Pei Li, too. You are such a lovely person, you deserve the best. xo – g


Ohhh Jacqueline, your little pin cushion is so adorable that I can hardly believe my eyes! The little details are so perfect. I'm in LOVE with the strawberries :)

Michele from Pipi La La

Oh my! I LOVE these! Love them!

lisa h.

Adorable, Jacqueline! What a delightful collaboration to be a part of.

I know I always say this nowadays, but you're projects just seem to get better and better.


That is so so sweet! I love the fabric you used for the pin cushion, and the strawberries have so much sweetness on their own! Simply love! xx


Dear Jacqueline, this looks so lovely, if I had this in my house it would instantly lift my mood :)

Miniature Patisserie Chef

Dearest sweet Jacqueline,

Love your first prototype and can't wait to see the rest....It's gonna be great, I just know it! Thanks so much for roping me into this project but most of all, I cherish our wonderful friendship ~ to me that's so much more. :)

Pei Li


Sooo, sooo PRETTY, like everything you do, Jacqueline. :o) ((BIG HUGS))


So sweet!! I look forward to seeing more of these! ;)


Your pin cushion is fabulous & what a wonderful collaboration. You're lucky to work with someone that can inspire and encourage you.


Hi Jacqueline, What a pretty pin cushion! I have been catching up on your lovely posts today, as I have been traveling & unplugged from technology. Have a wonderful week.
xo Theresa

collette schildkraut

It's so cute... adorable. The colours are so sweet together....


Dear Jacqueline, This pin cushion is Absolutely Gorgeous and I love the strawberries!!! You are so creative and talented!! Its also really wonderful to hear about your inspiring friendship with Pei Li!! Have a lovely week and Much Love to You!! Wini xox


I love this sweet cushion! It is so chic it could be a decoration alone without it's bonus functionality! Well done dear Jacqueline!! Best wishes from germany, tj


:I -> :} -> :) -> :D
Both of you gals make me smile with that creatively chic beau. So much cheerfulness glowing out of such a tiny thing!


This is truly beautiful! Love that you focus on the details. Makes the pin cushion even more special.

Valarie Budayr

Oh Dear Jacqueline, this is just adorable. It grabbed my heart immediately. What incredible detail in your work. I really love my creative relationships with women. They are so important. I'm so glad you've found someone to share and collaborate with. Be well and many big hugs to you.

Emma Wallace

Oh, oh, oh! So precious! Just so perfect!

fenny setiawan

Jacqueline, this is lovely. I really really admire your talent {and Pei Li}. I cant stop to admire those hard work.
Anyway, I never had chance to peek at your shop. I will do it now :).
Keep up the good work dear!

Sandy a la Mode

LOVE this pin cushion tray!! you are soo inspiring!!


Absolutely wonderful, Jacqueline! So glad that you've been on a rush of creativity! Can't wait to see all the other things you're creating!!

All the best to you!


oh my.. stunning! such a lovely piece!!
Your works always amaze me =)

Hope you'll have a great weekend sweetie!!
Hugs&Smiles, Nia :)


I know the feeling of collaboration- it gives you such a jump start and is an open door for even more original ideas! This is such a cute project! As always thanks for the blog love! ;0)


How gorgeous Jacqueline!

AG Ambroult

well that sure beat the old sock stuffed with batting that I use as a pincushion. HA!
it's *awesome* Jacqueline!

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