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July 16, 2011


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Miniature Patisserie Chef

Dear Jacqueline,

Those strawberries are beautiful!!! And I love those photos too, it's just awesome. I can't wait for the little tray to come alive with your ideas! This is so fun watching.

Will cotton fabric strawberries be any easier?

Have a great weekend, sweet friend!

Pei Li


Dearest sweet pei li, i am feeling over the moon knowing that you adore these little strawberries!!

I did some durability testing on both cotton and felt fabrics and the felt fabric seems to be definitely sturdy. Thanks so much lovely friend! Love to you!


I always love your photos dear Jacqueline, and those felted strawberry are simply wonderful! Can't wait to see the results of this collaboration! :)
Have a great weekend sweet Jacqueline :)

Eva Diva

Hi Jacqueline,

Those felted strawberries look delicious.And I understand how the tinier is a craft piece the harder it is to make. Lovely to see you flowing in the creative river!

Lots of love to you,

Jodi Ellis


Your teeny tiny strawberries are so

have a GREAT day,


I love the peeks you've given us! These strawberries are so sweet and I love them with the white basket and doily! Just wonderful.


Enjoy your weekend!!

Michele from Pipi La La

Those strawberries are just perfect! How fun! Looking foward to seeing the results of the collaboration!


I love everything you do, and the strawberries are not the exception. So so cute...Enjoy the rest of the weekend..


Wow! This is so cool!
can't wait to see what you girls are up to ;P

Sweet Greetings, Jacqueline!


This is lovely Jacqueline, what an awesome idea to collaborate on a creative project with another creative soul, love it.


Collaboration projects are so fun and so rewarding! I love your adorable little strawberries. They do look tiny, which makes them so precious. Have fun!


i'm just catching up on blogs after a whirlwind of a week! and oh my! your strawberries are just so cute and adorably yummy! can't wait to see the rest. looking forward to visit the exhibition too. you always cook up the most adorable creations with your sewing!


Lovely pictures =) I'm curious to see more!! :)

Emma Wallace

Oh, SO cute! I adore them! I love all things fruity and these are exquisite!


Sounds like great fun to collaborate and hope you can relax a bit too....those strawberries are so tiny! Beautiful photos!


Soooo PRETTY! The felty strawberries are just too sweet, Jacqueline... you are so clever! Thanks for you lovely comment at my new blog--so happy to see you there. I'll always have a place for tea to share with my friend. ;o) Happy Days, dear friend ((LOVE & HUGS))

Sandy a la Mode

oh yum! these mini strawberries look delish!! :)

AG Ambroult

SO SWEET! They might be the tiniest thing you've ever made, but really when you think about it, all of your pieces have the tiniest little details. That's what I love about what you make -- the delightful details.
I can't wait to hear all about this collaboration :)

Pam Holderman

oh wow those are small... my eyes would have trouble. but oh so cute as is everything you are working on. love seeing it all! blessings to you


just a sweet project...wow so cute...and yes its always so inspiring to work together with other creatives...it push you so on to do your best, right?...hope you have a lovley creative week...a big hug and take care...cheers...i...

valerie weller

oh sweet jacqueline.... those strawberries are a delight! I can't even imagine how numb your fingers must feel. But as always, you give us something small and sweet to enjoy. Can't wait to see what else you and Pei Li create together. Love to you!


The berries are truly so cute!! Thank you for taking the time to make them – just precious, dear. xo – g


I finally manage to visit your lovely blog to see what's going on and I must tell you, Jacqueline, that what I find here is so incredibly cute once again! What a perfect cooperation!

Love to you


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