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July 09, 2011


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Dollhouse Miniatures by Pei Li

Dear Jacqueline,

Those are awesome photographs!! I love the colour and I love that white chic little cabinet that you use to display all my handmade creations! And I see the tray being filled with lovely ribbons! So lovely!

The lavender plant and the white enamel jug makes me smile! Will the lavender plant grow purple flowers?

Have a lovely weekend, sweet friend!

Pei Li

Eva Diva

Hi Jacqueline,

Thanks 4 the sweet post on my blog. It's such a visual feast to read your blog. I absolutely love ur creative space, brimming with joy and warmth and loveliness.

I am also staying home to avoid the rally. I prayed that the people are safe too.

Do enjoy Coraline, a charming animation, albeit a little dark and gothic. Love to you and have a restful weekends.



You have such an eye for things cute! I love this space, so very you! Can't wait to see all of your new projects- and regarding that lavender plant. Just don't overwater and you should be fine. Herbs are very hardy!


Lovely photos from your little packaging corner! I also love lavender a lot but I must confess that I'm - as you- not a good plant keeper (contrary to my hubby which is great ;-)...
I hope that everyone will be safe at Kuala Lumpur and I wish you a wonderful weekend at your cozy home!

Love to you



Dearest sweet pei li, the lavender plant will grow purple flowers when it grows bigger. I just pray and hope that i am able to take care of it till it grows purple flowers.

So happy you adore how i displayed your gorgeous creations! My little packing space is turning into Pei Li's little corner and i just LOVE that! Thank you so much sweet friend! Love to you!


You have the sweetest studio, Jacqueline... LOVE all those little collections and pretty touches. That's a happy space you have to work in. Glad to have this extra peek at your "reative workshop"! :o) Happy Weekend, my friend ((BIG HUGS))


Dearest sweet eva, i LOVE Coraline so much. I had watch it like countless time and still not bored of it. The music, the opening, the story and the animation are just awesome and charming! So glad you like it too. Love to you!


My sweet Jacqueline, I love every single corner of your creative space! And that doll is the cutest thing!
Have a great weekend my dear!


beautiful little corner, your studio! i love the french rustic tray with rubbans collection...
enjoy the sun and the week end :)


hey jacqueline, what a lovely and adorable space! so fitting for so cute it hurts! lol! i loved watching coraline too. and as for the lavender plant, try the experiment that i shared with you at the session, plants are living things, they can feel it too ;)

happy weekend sweet friend. hoping we'll be able to meet and catch up one of these days.


Now that is what I call a very inspiring and cute space. Perfectly cozy to spend hours and hours.

Have a sweet Sunday, dearest Jacqueline xxxx


Such a sweet place, just like you! =)

I had a lavender plant like that once. I'm pretty good with plants, but I did eventually kill that one somehow. ; )


Dearest sweet alison, ohhh that is really awesome idea! I will try that out and hope my little lavender plant can feel the love. hehe Thanks so much lovely friend! Love to you!

Mousy Brown

A beautiful space - it must be perfectly inspiring for your creations! We have been watching Coraline with the children at school - do you watch all the stuff about how they make it? I would so love that job! Take care and keep safe sweet friend Love Em xx


It would be impossible not to feel creative in this space of yours, love the colours, they make the place look so happy :)


I also love Coraline and hope you have a fun weekend even if you are staying in... the corners of your studio space are cute as ever - wow!

paula    joerling

So pretty and tidy-I love the colors. The movie Coraline is one of my favorites!
Hugs to you,


What a wonderful post! I love taking a peek into your creative corner. So inspiring and pretty!

Coraline is such a fun movie! Hope you enjoyed it!

Hugs to you!

S and O

Super cute corner!
The miniatures are adorable :D


Oh my, the rustic tray is so pretty! Love everything you have in your craft room! You've given some really great storage and organization ideas :). Have a very lovely Monday, Jacqueline! ;) xx

Ren Lady Of The Arts

I love the little glimpses you've shared with us- adorable-
I also love the film Coraline-

The Tame Lion

Truly amazing, Jacqueline!
A cozy and wonderful corner!


It was so fun to have a tour of your work space. Everything is so enchanting. :) Hope you are having a most lovely week.

Sharon Cornelius

Hello Jacqueline,

I'm loving this cute lil series of yours. I love it when people blog about their creative space because I get really inspired.

I'm longing for the day where I can make my space pretty.

TQ my dear.


Dear Jacqueline, What cute and pretty photos of your delightful miniature displays in your sweet creative space!! I love the Hello Kitty and the little doll. I heard about the rally and my thoughts are with you. Hope everything will be ok. Please take care!!! Wini xo

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