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July 09, 2011


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Jamie Christina

Your pics are beautiful! I'm always inspired when I visit your blog =)


Jacqueline, I absolutely adore your creative space. It is so cute, it hurts, lol!!

Everything about you is just so cheerful and wonderful and vibrant. I love it :)

Great movie, I could watch that one over and over... and also How To Train Your Dragon. Another animated fav!

I hope you are having a wonderful week my sweet friend.

BUG HUGS coming your way... are you ready?... Here... they... come!!

xox Diana

Emma Wallace

Oh Jacqueline! This is soooo deliciously beautiful!


Hi Jacqueline! Your creative space is awesome, so inspiring! I also love bright colours like you, but lately have packed away all my cute little items. I think it is time to redecorate! Stay safe and have a fabulous, crafty weekend!

AG Ambroult

um. THAT is where you keep your packaging things? It is, truly, so cute it hurts. If you could only see my packaging goods. They amount to a series of cardboard boxes stacked up on each other. hee.

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