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August 27, 2011


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Dollhouse Miniatures by Pei Li

Dear Jacqueline,

Hurray! I'm happy for your long weekend holiday! I hope you will have a fabulous time and weather to enjoy all the things you love! Happy sweet weekend to you!

Pei Li


enJOY Your longggg weekend, sweet Jacqueline. So good to keep your creative juices flowing.
Love and hugs xx

sandra van doorn

oh can i have a week holiday like yours?? enjoy... xo sandra


Dearest sweet Sandra, i would love to share my week long holiday with you if i could! Love to you sweet friend!


A lovely photo and very nice projects for a great long weekend! Enjoy it, dear Jacqueline!




Dear Jacqueline, Have a happy long weekend. I have a new craft site up,design is in progress but I am having a link sign up & featuring crafty, creatives and would love to have you pop in and enter. Love your photograph. xo Theresa



My dear Jacqueline, love that photo, you're so talented! I'm sure you're weekend will be wonderful, enjoy it! :) I'll spend it studying, sigh :(
A big big hug, my dear friend!


pink raya babe. am also looking forward to the many days of rest and crafting along with some mind emptying... ahhh i should take yoga up again. you remind me how much more serene i used to be back when i did it.


Those kind of weekends, where you can just relax and do some creative work, are just the best. Enjoy it Jacqueline, you deserve it :)


I would be ever so happy to have endless days that summed as 'Love'. Hope you would be too! Have a great weekend Jacqueline!

Karine Ardault

It is a lovely picture, Jacqueline.
Have a great creative week-end.

michele - pipi la la

Such a nice photo and you sound so happy. :)


Jacqueline, I am happy to hear about your weekend yoga practice. I, too, am trying to get back into some regular yoga practice. I had a long day at school yesterday and came home to practice some yoga. It felt wonderful!

Enjoy your week long holidays. I agree, a week of sewing, creating, and scheming is bliss!

Laura xo


That is the sweetest post ever, and also sums you up perfectly... you have so much love in your little heart!!

Yay for the yoga, I am so glad that you have been enjoying it. I need to get back into a routine as well.

I have been spending the last few warm summer evenings on the beach playing volleyball :)



Yoga is great! I did single sessions but never did continue...and it's wonderful to feel your energy in your blog - always upbeat and inspiring! Enjoy the weekend and have a fabulous week ahead!


Dearest sweet Theresa, thanks so much for sharing your beautiful craft site with me. It looks really inspiring and amazing. I love the things you share there! Off to read more. :) Love to you!


Yahooooo my friend...does sound like bliss. I am back at school MONDAY...not sure how I am feeling on that one. xoxoxo Hugs


Hi Jacqueline, wishing you a wonderful week filled with fun and creativity! Great to hear that you are a benefiting from yoga classes. Take care and have a good time! Wini xo


Truly eye candy! Lovely picture sweetie =)
I hope you're having a great weekend, enjoy!!


Oh, so sweet... And little eye candy at the end of the week is a real treat--thanks, Jacqueline! Enjoy your holiday--savor the days. So glad your yoga class is going so well and that you are enjoying it very much. :o) Happy Days, my friend ((BIG HUGS))


Dear Jacqueline, you know I adore your photos and this one is so lovely!
Have a wonderful Sunday and thank you for always coming by my Blog!
with much love,


Hi there! Thanks for always stopping by my blog and for being so cheerful. It's nice to hear about how you're enjoying yoga, too - it's so relaxing and I always feel so good for days after I have a class. I haven't been able to go for the last month and I certainly miss it.

I hope you have a great week!


You just filled my day with 'love' looking at the picture :). Good to hear you're enjoying your Yoga, deep breathing helps me really relax too although I've never been to a Yoga class before. Hope to start one soon :). Sending back some *love* and *hugs* to you too! xx

Kate England

Hope you enjoy the holiday! Your yoga sessions sound like a fresh and strengthening breath of air in your life! Love! xoxo


I hope your weekend turned out as wonderful as it sounds, Jacqueline. Thanks so much for visiting me the the other day and for the nice words about the loss of my sweet kitty. Hugs

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