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August 15, 2011


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Dollhouse Miniatures by Pei Li

Dearest sweet Jacqueline,

I LOVE your newest bag! It's so beautiful and your work is stunning! I love how you carefully picked those fabrics and they look so matching together. The white lace adds a feminine touch to it! Absolutely darling! Great job!

Pei Li


This bag is amazing & your fabric choices are really lovely. I'm glad to hear you had a good weekend and that you've been productive!


Sweet Jacqueline, Such a beautiful bag. I love the details, key clips are so handy! Is that the first time you sewed leather handles? Did you do them by hand or machine? It turned out fab! I can finally post on my blog, although it isn't entirely fixed, but that is fine by me until I have the other site ready. xo

Michele from Pipi La La

I love your bag! The colours an patterns are beautiful.
Thank you visiting my blog!


Jacqueline, I absolutely love this bag, I want one too! :)
Are you going to be making more and selling them? Let me know if you do, I would love to have one.


WOW--this bag is just stunning, Jacqueline! Dare I say, I think this is my fave of all your wonderful bags... the patchwork, lace & leather are just so beautiful all combined. You really did a splendid work on this one! So glad you had such a sweet weekend. And your first yoga class--HOORAY! You know I'm all for that. ;o) How did you like that class, going back? Happy Week, my friend ((BIG HUGS))


wow! lovely! simply lovely! you are amazingly talented. i've never learn sew, to see you create this is just so wonderful. looking forward to see more tote bags from you.
happy week ahead sweet friend.


Dearest Jacqueline, wow! This tote is just amazing! I love the pattern, the fabric, the colors, everything! So beautiful.
Have a great day! :D


Dear Jacqueline, this bag is soooo beautiful and I LOVE the Japanese lace detail that turned your bag into something very special!
What a wonderful weekend you had and with a nap!!!
Wishing you lots of joy for this week, with much love,


Dearest sweet Theresa, yes it is the first time i sewed with leather handles. I did them by hand. It wasn't as hard as i thought it would be and such fun to sew them by hand! So happy to know that you site is back up! I will be visiting really soon! Love to you sweet friend!


Dearest sweet Veronika, yes i am planning to make a few more once i've selected the right combination of fabrics...sometimes it takes me a while to get the right combination. I will keep you posted and perhaps you might find one that pulls your heart string! Love to you!


Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend - I love those kind! Your newest bag is so sweet looking, especially with all those adorable details and that soft fabric.


Dearest sweet tracy, i actually really did enjoy the first class very much even though the teacher was a little strict in making sure we get the right posture and position...it felt a little like yoga boot camp. hehe
But i am planning to sign up for this yoga session with this teacher. I kinda really like that she is paying so much attention to our posture and position. You know, on that day itself, i woke up with a really bad neck and shoulder pain but after yoga class, i felt so much relax around the neck and shoulder area. It felt like the stretching helped to release the tension on them. I was really happy about it and thought maybe in the long run i will get less headache. :) Have a lovely merry happy week sweet friend and love to you!


Oh wow, what a lovely surprise from you! That is a beautiful beautiful bag, Jacqueline! I love every detail of it, especially the colors!! Absolutely love!! :) xx


Oh my gosh! This is pure JOY! You my friend amaze me...everytime I come over here I want something. This is the perfect shade of blue to follow me around everywhere..you my dear are one talented girl....love you. xoxo

sandra van doorn

Beautifully made;( i am always so amazed at fashion creations as i feel i could never make such beautiful piece!) anyways, i am looking forward to more totes... now i am off to... visit your etsy shop :) :) sandra


Dearest sweet sandra, our feelings towards each others work are similar. Your art work makes me smile and warms my heart. I really admire your talent and i feel too i could never draw and paint such beautiful illustration. :) Love to you!


This is absolutely th cutest thing. :) Gorgeous bag!

Lisa H.

Jacqueline, the detail on your tote is incredible! I love the hand-stitching and the lace, the fabric, and well, all of it. What a great design!

Oh, and I'm with you on the restorative effects of a good nap. There's nothing better!


What a lovely bag! Will you be making a pattern to sell?
Thank you, Sally

Mousy Brown

I love your new tote! Exactly the colours I love and the lace is perfect! The yoga sounds a really good thing, hope it does help with your headaches, take care sweet friend Em xx


Oh my goodness, this bag is STUNNING - I want one too! Will you be selling them? can I place an order?



This bag is so beautiful and well made!! I love the stitching on the leather handles and the addition of the battenburg lace!!


Dearest sweet Sally, making a pattern to sell has never really cross my mind. It's really good food for thoughts and thank you so much for sharing your idea with me. Inspiring. :) Love to you!


Dearest sweet Amelia, yes i am planning to make a few more once i've selected the right combination of fabrics...sometimes it takes me a while to get the right combination.
I still have some of the sky Hydrangea print paired with the gorgeous sky blue polka dot linen to make one more tote. If you like the tote in same fabric patterns, please kindly email me and we could work something out. Or you are always welcome to wait to see what other combination of fabrics i come up for this tote pattern design. Love to you sweet friend!

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