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August 20, 2011


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you're such a busy bee full of creativity jacqueline. lovely creation, as always. happy weekend! lots love your way.


Dear Jacqueline, these purses are so sweet and delicate! I love the mood and the style of your creations, they are always feminine and romantic! They're a pleasure for the eyes and the heart.

Here in Northern Italy the weather is boiling hot! How I wish to go to the swimming pool! But I have to study, so I have to stay home :(
Have a wonderful, relaxing and crafting weekend, my dear friend!

A big hug,



Have a great great weekend my sweet friend...sounds like you are off to a great start!

I love your new creations...you are amazing! HUGS!

Mousy Brown

I am always stunned by how perfect your stitching is, so so beautiful! As you know, simplicity is very much in my mind at the moment and these are just perfectly simple! Enjoy your weekend and crafty time - glad the weather is perfect and you can relax! Happy Saturday and lots of love Em xx

sandra van doorn

this is so cute, i can’t believe you can make such beautiful things, you make it look so simple!
i don’t think i could ever create something like this... i really love the rose fabric on the inside,as well as the simplicity, and really feminine look of the purse.
xo sandra


This is really beautiful Jacqueline, I too would love to own this :)


I just love that linen spot. And you have such a lovely collection of laces. Seeing your work always inspires me to get out the sewing machine though I have a fraction of the talent in that department that you do!
It's a beautiful day today in Melbourne. I would love to go outside but I have mountains of work unfortunately. Enjoy your weekend lovely Jacqueline,
Allison xx


The details are incredible! I think you've got a very lucky customer indeed! :-)


Love to see you having time for some crafty fun. Great projects for a custom order. You always add such sweet little details. Sounds like a fabulous Saturday! Hope you enjoyed it thoroughly.


Now these are sweet! If only we lived closer, I would have lots of your cute works in my handbag. I am surrounded by a few of your gorgeous works already and I love it!
Happy creating liebe Jacqueline. It is early Sunday morning here and I am to grab my second huge cup of green tea.
Hugs and love for a grand new week xoxoxoxo


I really love the simplicity of it too and that is a really cute button on the back. Have always loved your style and recognize your work by simply looking at it :). Have a wonderful and cheerful Sunday, Jacqueline! xx


This is so cute! I love hearing people are having a nice time. :) Enjoy your weekend.


Dearest sweet maggie, thank you so much for letting me know that you recognize my work! It means the world to me. :) Happy sunday sweet friend and love to you!


these are sooo pretty! all of the details and love that went into making them...you can really see it. i always love the serene feeling of your blog too.

Carola Bartz

I like simple! These are so beautiful! Wonderful work, Jacqueline!


Your purses are so nice, I love the fabrics you chose!

Emma Wallace

How pretty and precious! I love the details you put in them, Jacqueline!

P.S. I nominated you for a blog award! Thank you for being so wonderful!


These are so pretty, Jacqueline! You have such a great eye for pairing fabrics. Love the bit of lace... So happy you've had some custom orders--those are fun! Wishing you happy with your continued yoga course. ;o) ((BIG HUGS))


Oh my goodness, those are so cute! I love, love, love the fabric that you chose. Hope you have a wonderful week :)

paula    joerling

These are beautiful-I love the roses and dots. Have a fun creative week pretty one!


I love the fabrics you chose. so pretty. They will be thrilled with their orders. xo Theresa
PS.have a happy week!


your works are always soooo lovely =) the cutest purses!!!
hugs&smiles to you my friend


Jacqueline, as always, your work is exquisite, the detail amazing. Wow, is all I can say. That also goes for your gorgeous bag in the previous post!


Yup! It does compliments well with the tote... and my likings too!
You're awesome Jacqueline!


simply adorable!

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