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September 27, 2011


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Dollhouse Miniatures by Pei Li

Dear Jacqueline,

Sorry to hear you were unwell, and I hope you are feeling better now? Your latest journal is beautiful...and oh you know what, the red ribbon just reminds me of christmas...maybe I'm already in a xmas mood. I love the colours you've picked for this. So lovely! Hope you feel better this week sweet friend!

Pei Li

Kate England

Hope you feel better soon Jacqueline!

I simply adore your work and your magical sense for details, it's like the parts of a story that make the whole story come alive! The button on the bookmark for example...

Just read the interview with you over at Art, Love & Joy! So interesting to read about your Granny and other inspirations!

Much love! xo

Sandy a la Mode

these is soo sweet j! i love how there is meaning behind the embroidery, makes it so much more interesting! :D

Mousy Brown

Oh Jacqueline me too! I have so much sympathy for you - we both seem to be under the weather at the moment and catching every horrible cold...I hope you feel better soon, take lots of care of yourself and lots of rest!! I adore the journal, so, so beautiful...I am going to start saving for when you put them in your shop! Big hugs Em xx


Hope you mend quickly sweet thing! This journal is too beautiful- you have such talent with the needle, I'm just jealous! Wishing the wellness fairy to pay you a visit... :0)


What beautiful and sweet work you do. I always enjoy checking out your projects.


Sorry to hear that you are sick...healing and encouragement sent your way sweet friend.

paula    joerling

Oh I love the sentiment in this post-so true. My garden needs tending and I am attempting to do so.
Get better soon-being sick can be really depressing for those of us who need to create everyday.


oh no!!! I'm so sorry you were feeling under the weather. I hope it passes soon. Your journal is beautifulll!


This is one of the sweetest journal covers, especially since The Secret Garden is one of my favorite books. Love the beautiful embroidery! The charm adds such a sweet touch. Wonderful project!

Hope you feel better soon. Definitely not a fun way to spend the weekend, being sick.


Jacqueline...hope you feel better soon!! your body is telling you that you need to rest...listen to it!!!

Your journal is beautiful...would love to commission a cover from you...will look at your shop in awhile after you have it updated!!!

take care!!


Dear Jacqueline,
I absolutely adore the journal and will need to save my pennies so I can order one when you update your shop!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you feel better soon!

Laura :)


So sorry to hear you've been under the weather. I hope you feel better very soon!

You do such lovely work, Jacqueline. So much loveliness every time I stop by at your blog.

Thanks so much for your kindness and encouragement.


Dear Jacqueline, I so hope you are feeling better soon! Rest & Relax your way to wellness. Thanks for your visit too! xo Theresa

Dana Barbieri

I hope you feel better soon sweetie. I LOVE this journal cover. The story behind it all is great to learn. Feel better!


Just beautiful, Jacqueline! Your talent always amazes me. Hope you feel better soon, sweetie :)


So glad you are feeling better my friend...your creations are always the BEST...love this sweet journal. xoxoxo Get healthy soon


I do hope you feel better soon! I'm sick, too... Ugh! Take care, sweetie!! xox


I love the Secret Garden.....keep your dreams alive..... Thanks for reminding !! As always your work is lovely. Hope you are feeling better..


Do be taking good care of yourself, Jacqueline, and hoping you'll be feeling better and back to yourself very soon. LOVE the journal... Your secret garden embroider is a wonderful place... so beautiful! :o) ((LOVE & HUGS))

emily b

Oh, Jacqueline - your words and journal are so beautiful! I love knowing the thoughts that go into your designs. They make it even more special (if that's possible!) I hope you start to feel better soon - take care of yourself!


Hi sweet Jacqueline,
I am so sorry to hear that you are not well. Hopefully you are already feeling better!
I love your adorable journal covers. Would be such a wonderful gift for a friend.
Get better soon!
Warm hugs,
xoxo Ingrid


Lovely journal! Your embroidery skills are fabulous! Hope you feel better soon!


oh, i know how you feel...i have a little cold, too...;)...and so i come down and take more time for all my daily life routine...but hej, it doesn┬┤t matter...sometimes your body show you that its time to take a break, right?...i hope that you will feel better soon and your handmade goodie is so cute...just lovley to keep secrets inside...i love it...thanks for sharing...and have a great cozy weekend...take care, dear friend...hugs...and much love...i...


I hope you're feeling better quickly. I know around here, one of my girls has had a bad cold and I feel it creeping up on me - I'm hoping sleep and lots of vitamin C will keep it at bay!

I love how you got real flowers and leaves to inspire you - sometimes I just look at pictures in a book or on the internet - that's a really good idea. Your work is beautiful as always!

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