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September 19, 2011


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ohmygoodness they're merry as hecks!! fabulous work on your projects jacqueline :)

Dollhouse Miniatures by Pei Li

Dearest sweet Jacqueline,

It's so good to hear from you and to hear what you've been working on! You know, there are times when I go through a writer's block too when I don't really have anything interesting to talk about ;) I so understand that.
Do you hand embroidery those designs? They look so delicate and must have taken a lot of time! They look beautiful!

Have a lovely week ahead!

Pei Li


Dearest sweet pei li, i am so glad im not alone out there feeling the quiet side.
Yes, i hand embroidery these designs... a really slow process but such fun! Happy monday sweet friend! Love to you!


Can't wait to see those finishing touches Jacqueline –your attention to detail is always exquisite. Lovely that you've had some quiet time to yourself –I think we all need that sometimes.
Love to you, x

Cookie Cutter

You are so productive! Always a joy to see the fruits of your labour.


Dear Jacqueline, I'm really glad to read you again, believe me :) it's always a pleasure to read your blog... I'm looking forward to see your finished project!
Have a super lovely week, my dear friend... a huge hug for you!


wow...these book covers are just AMAZING, Jacqueline! The embroider actually reminds me somewhat of the embroidery & stitch work on old Norwegian traditional costumes. :o) Love the peek of the red & dot lining... and not least extra embellishments. I'm always amazed how much you create. And you know, it's OK to be quiet...Sometimes we can harvest gold in moments of quietude. You're Mister is right... It certainly is getting on autumn here...chilly too...bbbrrr...LOL Happy Week, my friend ((LOVE & HUGS))

Moira Neal

Hello Jacqueline! How lovely to see you back....such pretty books. I have been very quiet too for a long while....sometimes we just need to take a break from it all. Much love to you. Moira x


Beautiful journals! I love all the little details you add to these projects. They look quite fun to make, so I can imagine how fun they would be to fill up with thoughts and doodles.


Oh, that's so serendipitous that you posted this today. While I was writing tomorrow's post (a little similar to yours, though different...) i got your comment on my other blog. So I come over here, and you've written a blog post like the one I was writing! Weird!

Yes, fall is in the air... and I DO LOVE AUTUMN!!! Yay!!

Your embroidery is gorgeous! You're so talented... lucky girl! xox


hi Jacqueline:)
sometimes quiet is good... (goes well with the season)
you know i was looking at your etsy shop, and i noticed you don’t offer these lovely journals...shame. i’d love one, they are so fabulous, and i am crazy about journals for my handbag; i always carry one around.
xx sandra


Dearest sweet sandra, being quiet does go well with the season. :) I plan to offer the journals in my little shop as soon as i photographed them as made to order items. Stay tuned. :) Love to you!


Oh my, your little journal is so beautiful! That looks like a lot of work...you are such a talented girl. Hope you have a wonderful week!


The journals are looking really pretty! And I just love the polka dot balloon too! There is something special about having a little quiet time :) that really helps you to relax and stay focus. Have a lovely start of the week, Jacqueline! *hugs*


Fall is definitely coming...the chilly air is starting up here in Italy! I think sometimes we all get into quiet moods... no harm in taking a bit of quiet time, I say! Hope you have a lovely weekend dear!

Robin Norgren

what you do in "your quiet" is so so encouraging and it inspires me to take more time for quiet. xoRobin


Dear Jacqueline,
I love your journals! It looks like a lot of love and care was put into making them. Great job! :)

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comments about my quilt.

Have a lovely week,


your journals are beautiful. I love your embroidery... so detailed and pretty! enjoy your day!

Sandy a la Mode

love these sneak peeks of what you are working on!! you're always soo detailed w/ your beautiful work!!!


Hi Dear Jacqueline, I love your journals. Such pretty embroidery. You are making me want to stitch by hand. Happy creating! xo Theresa


Hello dear Jacqueline! I hope you are well and I understand about you taking time for things. You are so generous with your time and I'm happy you have some for yourself. Your journals are, of course, adorable! xoxo – g


Hello there! Oh the journals look adorable as well as all the other talented things I have seen on your blog. I love the week-end tote very much!

Please, could you tell me how you did the framing with the stitches around all of your photo's? I just love that!

Mousy Brown

Beautiful Jacqueline - truly beautiful! (loved the interview over at Wini's :D)


Dearest sweet sandy, so happy to know you adore the framing on my photos. My mister made this stitching frame for me to personalize my photos on my blog. I have no idea which photoshop plug in tools he used to make it but it made such a way that it's easy for me to add the frame to each of my photos. I wish i could answer your question in more details. So sorry. :( Happy mid-week and love to you!

AG Ambroult

wowza! Look at all that detail! you are amazing with embroidery and all things delightful.

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