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October 22, 2011


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Dollhouse Miniatures by Pei Li

Dearest sweet Jacqueline,

What an adorable journal cover piece. Love it! And so well said about sharing..I am also still learning that myself too. I am excited about your newest project and can't wait to see and hear about it. :) Have a lovely weekend..

It's a rainy coool Saturday here :)

Pei Li

Robin Norgren

so excited for all your new ventures my friend! xoxo


I love what you wrote. What an inspiration.
Just popping by to say hello, dear Jacqueline!
Monica xo


Dear Jacqueline,
Glad you managed to finish all your work for the market. I wish I were a little closer so I could go and have a little peek. One day I'll make a trip over to your part of the world!
"We make a life by what we give" really does ring true. Sometimes sharing can be difficult but the benefits truly outweigh any doubts -And it feels good too!
Looking forward to hearing about your next adventure J!
Love to you and your family
Allison xx

Carolyn Phillips

Gorgeous journal cover.


Jacqueline, you've made a lovely little piece of embroidery! And you must have been really busy, market preparations always take so much time... It's great to hear about your new opportunities!

Thank you also for your comment on my blog, I'm sure you will be able to convince your mister to visit St. Pauli (or the Schanzenviertel, I think it's also called this way) because it has really become a very creative district and it's possible to avoid the streets which are not so pleasant :-)

Love to you



as always, wonderfully cute journal cover! polka dot balloons, but of course! have a great creative sewing week and all the best for your coming pipit market! love your way.


Lovely journal cover! I wish you much success with your upcoming market! Happy week ahead! Theresa


Hi Jacqueline! Your comment on my blog really made my day. Thank you for your very kind words! You also have a very nice blog and Etsy shop. :0)


I always love your journal covers with a beautiful little story behind each one of them. I always believe that what comes around goes around too. You have always put in your best effort in every little piece that you make, and that is what make them so special and precious. Wishing you the very best of luck in your new adventure, Jacqueline. Have a wonderful and lovely weekend, my dear friend! xx

Valerie Weller

So happy for you sweet Jacqueline that you made your deadline and have "new opportunities" on the way. I am loving your piece, and your wise and heartfelt words in this post!!

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give". So well said... and a great reminder of why we should share ourselves.

Thank-you for your encouraging posts...I always look forward to them~ haPPy Sunday!


Jacqueline, I'm without words! This journal cover is simply wonderful. I think it's my favorite of your covers. I love all the details! You're so talented!
I give you a warm hug, have a crafty Sunday afternoon, my sweet friend!



oh, dear lovley friend...how touching...your post and so true...we are here all together for a big adventure...for the miracle called life...;)...be here to do what we really love...each as he can and together we will rock the "world"...sure...i┬┤m so glad to have somebody special like you in my life...thanks, my dear and have a wonderful creative week...take care...cheers and hugs...i...

Cookie Cutter

Good luck with the pipit market! I've seen previous pictures and it seems fun! Hope I'll be able to go some day.


Hi Jacqueline, the journal looks gorgeous and the quote is so inspiring and meaningful!! Good luck with the market and congrats on your new opportunity. Thank you for sharing your creative life with us here on your beautiful blog!! Happy Monday! Wini xo

Emma Wallace

Darling, delightful Jacqueline - thank you for this inspiration! Not only visually through your gorgeous creation but through your words as well.

Angie Fraley

Jacqueline...you inspire me with your sweet messages and attention to detail. LOVE


THIS is exquisite, sweet Jacqueline, I love love your journal. The light blue fabric combines perfectly pretty.

I hope your week is off to a wonderful start.
Happy hugs xoxoxo


So HAPPY all went well for your, Jacqueline! LOVE your journal covers--each one is so special and fun. I love that natural linen and the blue-white dot fabric paired together. Can't wait to see what your shop news is! Like you, I feel there is room for us all to do, share and love what we do! :o) Happy Days, my friend ((LOVE & HUGS))

AG Ambroult

the journal cover is just perfect, and the sentiment it depicts is beautiful. It's so true, that sharing can be hard, but as artists we have to remember that, really, nothing is original. Our "big ideas" may be inspired by the sun or the sky etc...and those things were already "invented." We may translate those things in new ways but so much creation is inspired by something that already exists.
I have a favorite quote on my studio wall: "Inspiration is cross pollinating" In other words, if it weren't for all those beautiful things and ideas floating out there in the "wind" we would never get inspired (pollinated).
Hope the market was great and I can't wait to hear about this new opportunity!

Sandy a la Mode

that journal is soo sweet and adorable!!


Dearest sweet amy, such words of wisdom! Thank you for sharing and your encouragement! I really LOVE that quote too lots! Love to you!

Kate England

I love your sentiment "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give". How inspiring!!

You DO share, Jacqueline! Every time I come to your space I'm inspired by seeing your creations, your thoughts behind them and not least your creative process!

And yes, it's wonderful to find ways to give back to our communities... At the same time I understand that you feel you want to guard some of your creative secrets.

Personally, I have both a need for a quiet space where I can create, a space that isn't a stage or a social media outlet, a space for spontaneity and joy. Or for focus. A space that isn't looking for comments or likes or retweets. A creative laboratory? AND on the other hand I love to find ways to give back, to share, to open up and to find ways to share the ups and downs of creativity.


Glittering Shards - Concetta

Such a big lesson jaqueline - one we have to learn and relearn me thinks (at least I have to!). I am launching my brand new website this eve! Eeek! Come and see! http://glitteringshards.com It all started with those courses we took together!There will be a big giveaway to celebrate so do give a shout to this if you can :)


Dearest sweet kate, thank YOU so much for sharing your thoughts with me! And i like your idea of a creative laboratory! It totally feels that way when it comes to learning, experience and experimenting. I am so blessed to have all of you as my friends and as my coach. Love to you!

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