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October 13, 2011


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Beautiful journal and congrats for your 3 year anniversary in your creative journey - fabulous! Your work is wonderful!

giftsofthejourney (Elizabeth Harper)

Lovely work and nice writing too. Well done you!

Dollhouse Miniatures by Pei Li

Dearest Jacqueline,

This journal is such a beautiful meaningful piece! Congratulations to your 3 year creative journey! Have a wonderful week!

Pei Li

Concetta at Glittering Shards

That's beautiful Jacueline. Thanks for being such a lovely and encouraging presence in blog land ;) x

Joy Hall

Sweet Jacqueline,

Congratulations on your creative anniversary! Thank you for sharing your journey (and lovely) creations with us. You have enriched our journeys!


Oh! I love balloons & trees...so so cute. Beautiful job my dear!!!!


Oh Jacqueline, this journal is wonderful! I love each single detail, and the embroidery is just perfect!
And last but not least... congratulations for your third anniversary!
I started to craft in October too, wait, maybe... 2007? I can't remember exactly, but I think it was 4 years ago! Actually I started when I was a child, but only 4 years ago everything is changed for me :)
A big big hug for you, have an amazing day!


Dear Jacqueline, Your new journal looks truly delightful and I love the inspiring sentiment that goes along with it!! Congrats on your 3 year anniversary. Wishing you much joy, success and creative fulfillment, and looking forward to reading about your future crafty adventures...!!! Wini xo


Dear sweet Jacqueline, what an adorable journal cover you ┬┤ve made!! I love all the pretty little details especially the tree and the little key hanging on it.
We are the lucky ones to have you as a crafter in this huge community full of talented people.
Wishing you lots of love, from your friend,


You are a busy bee my friend..I love this journal and the meaning behind it...your words are very wise today...sometimes you just got to JUMP on in!
Hugs and hope you are feeling better...xoxo

Dana Barbieri

Beautiful! Love the title too. Happy 3 years to you!
Wishing you many more years of crafty goodness. xo


I love the new journal! Have fun preparing for the market! :)


Moira Neal

Such a beautiful project Jacqueline. wonderful sentiments too. Happy third anniversary to you! Have fun. your work is truly
gorgeous. M xx


Such a sweet journal cover, Jacqueline... I especially love the balloons! Happy 3rd Creative Anniversary--it is a wonderful thing to celebrated! Wishing you many more happy years, and the fun of following along with you as you grown. :o) Wishing you much fun & success with your Pipit Market! ((LOVE & HUGS)

Angie Fraley


That journal oozes sweetness. I just love it. Great job on your 3 years, keep it up! The crafting and blogging world wouldn't be the same with out your encouragement.



Hi Sweetie! So wonderful what you're making... there were none in your etsy shop, though! Want to throw a couple in there? ;-)

Hope you're having a great week. Be blessed.

xox s


Dearest sweet shari, thank YOU so much for your kind words on my newest journal creation. I am planning to drop them in my etsy shop really soon. A few more things to share, and then all the journals will be available really soon! Do keep a look out for them. Love to you!


Dear Sweet Jacqueline,
The journal cover is adorable. I love the little girl letting go of her balloon.
Happy Anniversary to your creative three years!
Love and hugs,
xoxo Ingrid

Mousy Brown

So glad you are recovered Jacqueline! Such a wonderful journal cover...glad some will be in your etsy shop soon! Take care and keep well good friend Em xx


I love what you wrote: "it can be a very unpleasant experience because it hasn't happened yet." I really understand that and believe in tolerating that discomfort. It is so uncomfortable though! ;)

I am really becoming drawn to embroidery. I want to try it this winter. Would you do a tutorial post for a beginner like me sometime? xoxo!


Such wise words about letting go ...
Sweet journal Jacqueline though I've come to expect nothing less from you. Congratulations on your three year anniversary, may there be many, many more, and well done doing the Pipit market - can't wait to see all your crafty goodness,
Love to you and your family,


Dearest sweet jess, thank YOU so much for your kind words on my new journal! I knew all of you could relate to this process of how things can be very unpleasant while we reach for our dream. Thank YOU!

Oh i am so thrilled and excited to know you are becoming drawn to embroidery! Oh yes i could try to come out with a tutorial post for it when things are a little less hectic sometime next month. :) Love to you!


That is so sweet, Jacqueline! Especially love the tree and the balloons, they are so thoughtful and beautifully made. A very happy Anniversary to you and sending back lots and lots of love and hugs to you! xx


beautiful journal! you put so much love into it, I can tell. good luck with your crafting for the upcoming market!


Beautiful!! Good luck working on your projects for the upcoming show - I'm sure you will be a big hit, your work is really wonderful. You put so much thought and so much of yourself in everything. Stay healthy!!!

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