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November 20, 2011


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Dollhouse Miniatures by Pei Li

Dearest Jacqueline,

I hope you will recover soon too! Take more naps definitely and try to sleep early too!

These photos are gorgeous and you've picked a lovely shade of peach for the roses! Great choice!

I'm very sure you will churn out some amazing photographs very soon!

Take care!

Pei Li


Hi Jacquline first of all I just wanna thank you so much for all your kind words on facebook, at my blog and in Flickr :) I really appreciate it! You must be the sweetest and kindest person in the world :) I have also struggeled a bit with the homework this time, and sometimes its hard not to try to compare myself to the others in the group, there are so many talented and creative women. I think maybe we all are trying to hard instead of enjoying the process ;) Hope you have ha beautiful sunday! Big hug :)


Your photos look so beautiful, Jacqueline! I love how soft and dreamy they are. I hope you're feeling better now. Best wishes for a wonderful week :)

Valerie Weller

wishing you well...sweet Jacqueline. I'll keep you in my prayers for a fast recovery from your migraines. I can't even imagine... my daughter used to get them, and I remember how painful they were.

Your photo's are as gorgeous as ever! The depth of field is beautiful, the colors and softness you gave to the flowers. Very expressive and "fine art" to me!

hugs & healing being sent your way!


Being sick is such a bummer, especially on the weekend! At least you were able to do something creative. Your photos are gorgeous! I am taking a digital photography class next semester, so I can't wait to learn how to do these techniques. Hope you're feeling better very soon!


Great Job!


Dear Jacqueline, I get migraines & know how they feel. Rest up & I wish you a speedy recovery!
Your photographs are so pretty! & I am sure you, like your flowers will blossom even more by taking this lovely course! All my best, have a restful Sunday!


Beautiful and romantic floral art! Jacquline thank you for your sweet and kind words, have a great week!


Sweet Jacqueline, I hope you are feeling better now, I know how horrible it feels...
I love your photos that I could almost feel the scent of the flowers!You are such an artist, my dear friend!
Take care and have a wonderful week ahead!

Emma Wallace

My poor, poor, sweet Jacqueline! I so hope you feel completely better as you are reading this!

I think the flowers are beautifully dreamy and romantic and I can't wait to see the other lovely things you create!

Sandy a la Mode

oh sweetie! sorry to hear about your migraines. hope you feel better very soon!! those pictures are very lovely!!

laura gaffke

Sending healing thoughts your way....
p.s. Your photos are amazingly beautiful!


I hpoe you are feeling better, sweetie! I LOVE these photos!!! They look so beautiful, Jacqueline!



So very sorry you're under the weather with a migraine, Jacqueline... I know how you feel... And hope very much you will be feeling better really soon. Be taking good care. Thank you for these photos...such super-gorgeousness! :o) ((LOVE & HUGS))


I hope you feel better Jaqueline. Well done on those photos! I think the 3rd is my favourite. :)

Warm wishes to you...


Feel better soon, sweet sweet Jacqueline. You took gorgeous pictures, that shade of the roses is gorgeous. If I am not mistaken, I see baby breath too, I bought these today too!
Much love is winging your way xo xo xo


Oooh, darling, I feel for you... I really do. I hope your head pains pass quickly!! Lots of love to you my sweetest friend :)

Cookie Cutter

I hope you get well soon. You deserve the rest anyway so don't beat yourself over it.

The photos are lovely!


oh my dear, hope that you feel better now and the mixture of "combination of medications, movies and many long naps taken" had come to a good end...if not and just so i send you good thoughts and a big big hug...take care, dear friend...all the best...cheers and hugs...i...

p.s.and amazing and just beautiful shos...lovley...i´m exciting to more...;)...


Your pictures ARE beautiful!!! I am so, so sorry you aren't feeling well - migraines are the worst.


beautiful photos! I hope you're doing much better! rest up!


I love your photos.. these are gorgeous!


Oh I know how those migraines come on...binge bango just like that for no reason...that is what happens to my daughter..strange and so unfair. Sending you some positive thoughts..hope yours are gone for a while. xoxoxo Love to you.

oh..just about you sweet comment you left me today on my blog...our Canadian Thanksgiving was in October..so no turkey and celebrating over here...boo hoo. xoxoxo


Hello, dear Jacqueline. I'm very sorry to hear you were under the weather and I hope you are fully recovered now. I used to get migraines – ugh.

Your photos are so beautiful. I'm very pleased you are doing this course!

Wishing you a very lovely end to the week. Looking forward to more photos! xo – g


Hope you're feeling better-these photos are gorgeous!

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