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January 14, 2012


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These are adorable! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Sandra van doorn

Yes they are so cute... It hurts :) :)
Love the photos with les petits macarons! So sweet, and so French!
Xo Sandra


oh, fine that you had just a magical day with your love ones...and your new friend is so sweet...;)...i´m looking forward to all the creative adventures which you will go through with her...have a lovley creative weekend...all the best and much love...cheers and hugs...i...


Dearest Jacqueline! Happy new year to you too! Hope you had a great time with family and friends! These dolls are their macarons are adorable! I also loved the previous post! Yum yum yum!!! xoxox

Have a great weekend my friend!

Dollhouse Miniatures by Pei Li

Congratulations on your first doll collection! These photos are gorgeous and I can't wait to see the various fashion outfits that you would be making! I just can't wait!!!

Have a wonderful sweet Sunday!

Pei Li


Oh! Happy Birthday and wishes to you Jacqueline >__< you have a beautiful Lati! ^^

Emma Wallace

You are right - she looks completely different! But both looks are adorable! I'm so looking forward to seeing the wardrobe you'll be fitting her with!


Dear Jacqueline, belated Happy Birthday and all the best wishes to you, dear friend.
I am so excited about your new doll, she is really cute and I can´t wait to see what you´re gonna make for her!
Have a great , inspiring and joyful Sunday!

Robin Norgren

Love you Jacqueline! Always a beautiful burst of hopefulness in your space...


Very cute! I'm sure you'll whip up something special for her to wear. Hope you have a wonderful week :)


These are adorable..and how did I miss your birthday?????? I feel terrible...sending you extra love today dear one. xoxoxoxo


Your doll is adorable!!! I can't see what you make for her.

And... a belated Happy Birthday!

Valerie Weller

Sweet Jacqueline... so glad you had a wonderful birthday celebration. This Lati doll is beyond adorable! I've never seen anything like it. And the teenie tiny macaroons... to die for! see you in "hello soul" class this week! xoxo


Oh dear Jacqueline, it was your birthday! I didn't know it! So... Happy Birthday to you, with all my heart!
This Lati is so adorable... and so cute! Love her! :)
A big hug, have a great week!


dear Jacqueline, Happy Birthday, I hope many sweet & happy things happen for you this year, your dolly is adorable, i look forward to seeing the little creations you make for her xx


Oh, this does hurt...it's TOO CUTE! Love the dolly... what a sweet face she has. Have fun with your new collection, Jacqueline. :o) Happy Week... I'm hosting a Valentine Swap and Giveaway, stop by to see if you'd like to join in. ((HUGS))


They are just too sweet and adorable, Jacqueline! Beautiful eyes ♥ ♥

Gina Cuff

Hi Jacqueline, thank you for visiting my blog! It's an honor to have you as a classmate!

Happy Belated Birthday! :)



She is just so precious! Your blog is so appropriately named: so cute it hurts. Indeed!

Concetta at Glittering Shards

They are quite intriguing! Glad your birthday was so special - wonderful! x


Those macarons are just too cute Jacqueline :) xx

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