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January 29, 2012


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This is very impressive for a first timer! Adorable lovely work indeed!

Dollhouse Miniatures by Pei Li

Dearest Jacqueline,

I LOVVEE the outfit and I feel Ruki is sooo lucky to be wearing it! Can't wait! Thank you so much, you're so talented!!!


You did such a wonderful job seeing, dearie!!! Gorgeous!!! :)

Robin Norgren

EVERYTHING you touch sweet Jacqueline feels magical!

Dana Barbieri

You are awesome! Great job! xoxo


She looks so cute! You did a wonderful job :)

Angie Fraley

Super super sweet. Like sprinkles on sugar donut sweet. Very cute Jacqueline.


This is adorable, and even if you had some uncertainty, it looks wonderful! I used to make little doll clothes for my girl's dolls, many many years ago! I remember having to be very patient.


Jacqueline, that is the sweetest little dress! I can't imagine sewing something so small. I think you did a fabulous job!

Cookie Cutter

Oh my, your sewing must be getting better by the day! It's so hard to sew tiny intricate details but you've done it so beautifully! I want that dress for myself. Haha.

Kate England

Goodness, how extremely adorable!!! You did a great job!

Speaking of the New Year, I hear it is of the WATER dragon?! So curious what that means...



ADORABLE, Jacqueline... just too, too cute! Such tiny sewing... wonderful work. Happy Year of the Dragon :o) ((LOVE & HUGS))

AG Ambroult

that is so very precious! Way to go, Jacqueline. I recently finished a custom order for which I had to learn all kinds of new things, too. It was such a challenge, but I learned so much and now have a few new skills. And you do too!
And YES to the apron with ruffles and gathers!


Beautiful! Always love seeing your lovely, lovely work. xoxo sweet girl


This is SOOO cute, dear Jacqueline! I just keep staring – darling! Wishing you a wonderful new week! xo – g


So adorable sweet one....could you send me your mailing address. I think you did already but can't find it. Just send it to my email...I have an old one but not sure if you live there anymore....from a few years ago when I won your little giveaway spoon. Love to you.

lisa h.

Aw, that outfit is so sweet; you did a great job, even if it took you a while to get there. Somehow, the effort makes things like this a little more special, doesn't it?

Happy New Years (Chinese and 2012!) to you :)


Jacqueline! How super cute, i can’t wait to see the apron! you must have so much patience!
xo sandra

Emma Wallace

Darling, darling Jacqueline! The Year of the Dragon must be bestowing on you great creativity and talent because the dress is just LOVELY! I'm so impressed! Thank you for sharing your marvelous talent! Hope you have a delightful weekend!


Dear Jacqueline,
are you joking? Is this your first time sewing tiny dresses? You're amazing, it turned out so pretty! Your cutie pie is adorable in this new dress :)
And even though I'm late... happy Dragon year!
A big big hug to you, dear friend!
Have a great day,


Dear Jacqueline, you are so very talented and I loved the outfit you´ve made! Oh, and I can´t wait to see the apron!
Happy Dragon Year!!


This doll is as darling as can be!! Hope the year of Dragon is a lovely one so far for you my sweet friend.
Love and more love to YOU Xxxx


Dearest sweet Kate, here is a link to a little more information on the dragon year predictions by Joey Yap, a very famous Malaysian Feng Shui Master. I hope you enjoy : http://specials.malaysia.msn.com/cny/photoviewer.aspx?cp-documentid=5835673
Love to you.

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