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January 08, 2012


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Dollhouse Miniatures by Pei Li

Happy Birthday sweet Jacqueline! :D I hope you have a terrific day, and may your wishes come true!
I'm so happy you love the handmade gift I sent you. I was definitely smiling lots when I made it.
Love your photos!!

Pei Li


Happy birthday Jacqueline! And happy new year to you too. I am still on holidays (last day) until I have to start some work tomorrow. But I just wanted to stop by and wish you a lovely birthday -what a gorgeous gift and equally gorgeous photos
Love to you!
Allison xx


Happy Happy Birthday sweet friend. I am so grateful and honored to be part of your world. Wishing you tons of blessings...joy, love...through your life! Hugs!


HAPPY H A P P Y Birthday, sweet sweet Jacqueline <3
Have a most wonderful day, may it be special in every way! Pei Li made an absolutely awesome present for you. You captured it perfectly pretty with your camera.
Bring on the balloons, the banners and the birthday crown, let's PaRtY <3 <3 <3 Have tons of fun, sweet friend xxx


my goodness they look good enough to eat and trust me if i hadn't known my chompers would have been on it already! love them and adore pei li's work!! pink birthday babydoll and it sure looks like a good start to the year :)

Mitzi Curi

Happy Birthday! I love your attitude. I just finished my Facebook "Timeline" and decided the best years of my life are yet to come. I hope the same for you!


Happy Birthday Jacqueline (and fellow Capricorn ;) - mine was Dec 31st!!) Happy New Year and I hope 2012 is as wonderful as it sounds right now in your world . . .


Moira Neal

Happy Birthday to you! What a wonderful gift to be given...I LOVE those colours. I do hope 2012 is a great year for you and wish you success in everything you do. M xx

Dana Barbieri

Me singing..."Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday sweet Jacqueline, Happy Birthday to you!!!". I am wishing you a very magic filled year!! May all of your wishes come true! That is a gorgeous gift from your friend. Almost too pretty to eat! xo


Happy belated birthday, sweet and lovely Jqline! I am so glad you're back after a short break on your blog. Your posts always bring cheer to my day. Have a wonderful New Year!


Happy Birthday Jacqueline! May you have a super day and a wonderful year ahead. :)

Mousy Brown

Happy Birthday dear Jacqueline, have a lovely, lovely day and enjoy being looked after as you deserve! Big hugs Em xx


oh, happy new year and birthday! those macaroons definitely look lovely - your photo skills definitely bring them out! wishing you the best this 2012...yay!

Angie Fraley

Happy YOU Day! I love birthdays...they are indeed another reminder that we are still alive! What a gift you are to the world. Enjoy your day...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I do so love your outlook on life! And you take gorgeous still life photos by the way! happy 2012 :)

sandra va ndoorn

Happy Birthday! hope you had a wonderful day filled with surprises:)
xo sandra


Happy Birthday! those macaroons look delicious!!!


Dear Jacqueline, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!! What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. You are a lucky girl. Wishing you much love, peace, joy and creativity this year! Wini xoxo


hello my dear friend...after 2 weeks offline, i´m now back again, too...and wish you all the best for a new exciting year in your life...happy happy Birthday and hopefully you had a great day and some magical moments for your heart...what a wonderful gift!...í didn´t forget you and will send you a little surprise later this year...promised...just find my way back here...;)...but with you it is much easier...a big big hug...and enjoy your week...cheers...yours i...


HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY WISHES, Jacqueline! Those macaroons are delightful! I love those... have yet to try making some those. Maybe this year is the year. ;o) It's tough getting the mojo back after a holiday break, isn't it? I know the feeling. After we got back from our Christmas, hubby & I both got colds, mine still linger...so slow going...but happy. LOL Wishing you a New Year full of LOVE, PEACE & JOY, my friend ((HUGS))


Happiest of happy birthdays, Jacqueline! Here's to the best year of your life so far!!!

What a gorgeous present. Pretty AND yummy. What more can you ask for. Plus that wonderful tin. Perfect!


hope you have the best day ever celebrating your birthday Jacqueline!!!


Happy, happy birthday!!
Such a lovely post!

Debbie H. Blatt

Sweet Jacqueline,
Thanks you for coming by my blog and leaving such sweet encouraging comments.
Happy Birthday to you, and many more!!!
The cookies look amazing and so yummy, enjoy!!



Hi Jacqueline,

May all your wishes come true this year, hoping that everything will go smooth for you, Love all the pictures that you have here, they are so well taken and you are so creative! :)

Have a nice week ahead!


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