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February 26, 2012


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Wow..l I love happy mails too!!! What a lovely package you got!

Have a great day and enjoy your tea! :D


Dollhouse Miniatures By Pei Li

I love receiving packages too! This must been such a delight! Have a beautiful Sunday!

Pei Li


I lov mail, too. :) You got some treasures in there.


You must have been so thrilled! I recently had a very similar experience - a customer and friend bought me a book about crystals. I was so chuffed!

Kate England

Oh wow this is so beautiful and inspiring, but that's how I always feel when I visit your blog!!! Thanks also for the link to Koralee.

Do you know what, at first I thought that the picture at the top was a new weekend bag!!! With stamps and labels in fabric sewn on to it!!!


Dearest sweet Kate, that is such an inspiring idea! Thanks so much for sharing what you first thought was on that first photo! Imagine that stamps and labels in fabric to make a weekend bag. I really LOVE that idea. :) I might give it a try. hehe YOU are always so inspiring sweet friend! Love to you!


Hooray for mail!! It IS so much fun to receive a package like this. Yours looks so delightful. Organic Hot Lips is such a fun name for a tea! Makes me plain, old English Breakfast sound pretty boring!

Hope your weekend has been lovely!!


Gorgeous goodies Jacqueline!!
I hope you enjoyed a cup of organic hot lips, it sounds yummy :0)
Big hugs to you and your gorgeous Coco,
vicky xxxxxxxx

Kate England

What an amazing idea! :)


It's so good to get such lovely mail! Enjoy your tea and your book , dear Jacqueline :-)

Love to you


Robin Norgren

I adore getting mail too! so very lovely these gifts you received.


Nothing like FUN mail, is there?! Such sweet treats... And love the name of that tea! ;o) Thanks so much for your lovely thoughts on my new art/creations, my friend... much appreciated. Happy Week ((LOVE & HUGS))


You are so right. In this day and age, real mail that you find in your real mailbox rather than your email inbox is the best thing ever. Great little treats you got there!


Jacqueline, you are just so incredibly sweet and so genuinely kind. Each time you pay me a visit, it feels like a gift has been left behind. Thank you. And I agree with you wholeheartedly. There's nothing like walking out to one's mailbox and finding a special package inside. And if the person is creative and artistic, they extend that to their packaging, which makes the gift even more special. I'm so glad Koralee treated you so sweetly. Your words and pictures are a reminder to me to be more attentive about giving those small gifts myself and to be better about letting my friends know I love them. Huge hugs from my heart to yours.

Cookie Cutter

I love all that stamps on the envelope! It's almost like a collage!


Well, that would be a happy surprise wouldn't it?! Enjoy your tea :)

Emma Wallace

How lovely, lovely, lovely! Receiving packages in the mail is like turning a whole day into a cupcake!


Happy dance...happy dance...you take the most amazing photos my friend...how can to make a simple envelope look so amazing.
I am sooooo happy you got this safe and sound...hope the tea was yummy...love to you my sweet sweet friend. xoxox Thanks for the sweetness ...you really are a blessing to me.


Not silly at all! I love to receive anything on my mail box, even a small postcard makes me smile so much :D So, no, not silly heheheh
Lovely package =)
I hope everything is going well with you sweetie! Huge hug to you, Nia :)


so first thanks so much for all your lovley words the last weeks...it´s so busy at the moment, so i don´t find enough time to write comments at my favorite blogs...especially yours...but my dear, i´m still here and be always so exciting to scroll through your creative outlet...;)...wish you a lovley weekend and much more...take care...a big hug...cheers...i...

Sandra van doorn

I love getting mail! Last week I decided to send out many of my postcards, and I think everyone who received them was so surprised and happy about it...

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